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By Reflective Software Solutions, Inc. The Reflective Solution, APEX, is a customized software package designed exclusively for the waste management industry. Core Functions include: customer relationship management; sales/accounting; routing and dispatch; and in-vehicle features.

ARCHIBUS Waste Management Module
By ARCHIBUS, Inc. The ARCHIBUS Waste Management module organizes information on the various types of wastes and residuals: waste shipments, air emissions, water discharges, recycling. Information regarding on-site storage and accumulation of waste by profile, location or other search criteria are part of the base functionality of this application. Information can be sorted by waste type (hazardous, municipal, residual), destination (disposal, recycling, release), internal category, business operation, and more.

By Green Oak Solutions. Carboncheck provides a critical assessment of your organisationís current standing on Carbon Management detailing the overall performance of your organisation against various aspects including Management System, Legislative Compliance, Utilities Management and IT Capability. The questionnaire provides detailed scoring and overall conclusions for each area as well as an action plan or road map that will address specific areas that require improvement. It will also highlight areas where there is a potential for savings in cost and emissions. Modules are available for Utilities, Business Travel, Fleet, and Waste Management.

Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites
By Waste Business Journal, Inc. The Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites is a database of over 8,300 waste processing and disposal facilities across the US.

e3 EMIS Waste Management Module
By e3 Solutions, Inc. The EMIS Waste Management module tracks waste generation, storage and disposal activities. Key features include waste storage time tracking, waste shipment manifesting, and automatic preparation of quarterly, annual and biennial waste reports for regulatory agencies. Users are automatically notified when waste storage activities or manifest procedures approach compliance deadlines or thresholds.

Eco-Compliance Suite
By Linx/AS, LLC. The Linx/AS Eco-Compliance Suite (ECS) for RoHS and WEEE reports and flags restricted substance levels down to the raw material composition, automatically creating material and substance records in R/3 upon approval. Using solely SAP-supported technologies, ECS captures disclosed supplier data as required by the RoHS directive, then provides stakeholders with the tools to report, analyze, and make smart business decisions.

Environmental Compliance Management Solutions (HAZMAT)
By IHS Inc. IHS offers companies a complete solution for responding to and complying with RoHS, WEEE and other environmental regulations. The Environmental Compliance solution from IHS combines software tools, expert consulting services, comprehensive reference data and ongoing access to critical environmental compliance information.

By Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. FleetRoute is a Geographic Information System (GIS) based modeling software for developing waste collection routes that integrate with your customer service and billing systems.

Flexible Membrane Liner Advisory Expert System (FLEX)
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Flexible Membrane Liner Advisory Expert System (FLEX), assists in the interpretation of the data from EPA Method 9090 tests. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency uses Method 9090 as the standard test for determining the chemical compatibility of flexible membrane liners used in solid waste containment applications. The FLEX system uses artificial intelligence techniques to analyze selected EPA Method 9090 test results. 1992.

By GoldSim Technology Group LLC. A Monte Carlo simulation software solution for dynamically modeling complex systems in business, engineering and science. GoldSim supports decision and risk analysis by simulating future performance while quantitatively representing the uncertainty and risks inherent in all complex systems. Some environmental systems uses include water resources and hydrological modeling, radioactive and hazardous waste management, ecological and biological modeling, and human health risk assessment. An optional Contaminant Transport Module is available.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). The Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) model was developed to help hazardous waste landfill designers and regulators evaluate the hydrologic performance of proposed landfill designs. The model accepts weather, soil and design data and uses solution techniques that account for the effects of surface storage, snowmelt, runoff, infiltration, evapotranspiration, vegetative growth, soil moisture storage, lateral subsurface drainage, leachate recirculation, unsaturated vertical drainage, and leakage through soil, geomembrane or composite liners. Landfill systems including various combinations of vegetation, cover soils, waste cells, lateral drain layers, low permeability barrier soils, and synthetic geomembrane liners may be modeled. Results are expressed as daily, monthly, annual and long-term average water budgets.

Intelex Waste Management System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. The Intelex Waste Management System is a fully configurable comprehensive set of tools that enables organizations to easily manage, track, and report on the various stages of waste management and disposal; including categorizing potential wastes, tracking generated waste and recycled material, on-site waste treatment, and waste and recyclable shipments.

By Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. MatTrack compiles your cost and tonnage data into a cost accounting model of your waste operations.

By GAEA Technologies Ltd. MIGRATE, landfill design and contaminant transport software, models contaminant transport from multiple sources, either at the surface or buried, in two-dimensions. One or more landfills, buried waste, spills, or disposal ponds can be modeled. These contaminant sources may be adjacent or offset from each other. Model properties may be either constant or transient, with the concentrations calculated at specified times, depths, and distances.

Operator10 Wastewater Data Management
By AllMax Software, Inc. Define your treatment process and Operator10 will create and calculate the treatment-specific formulas to provide process control information at your fingertips. Loadings, removals, solids inventory, F/M ratio, SVI and hydraulic rates are just a few of the many calculations available. Built-in state and federal regulatory agency reports, operator notes, hourly to yearly DataViews, and 3-D graphing capabilities are just some of the many benefits built into the software.

By GAEA Technologies Ltd. The POLLUTE program provides contaminant migration analysis capabilities. This program implements a one and a half dimensional solution to the advection-dispersion equation. The program comes in two editions, Professional and Standard. The Professional edition is best suited for landfill design and the Standard edition is best suited for environmental remediation.

ProcessMAP Environmental Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include Environmental Incident Management, Permits & Registration Compliance, Storage Tank Management, Waste Management, and Aspects & Impacts.

By Green Oak Solutions. Recycler is a software solution available for the waste and recycling industry. The web based solution comprises modules for managing sales, purchases, contracts, invoicing, containers, fleet, duty of care and regulatory reporting requirements all within a single end-to-end solution.

SE Waste Management
By SoftExpert. SE Waste Management automates the collection, storage, transfer, processing, transportation and disposal processes in your company for all your generated waste products.

System Assessment Capability (SAC) Stochastic Simulator
By Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. SAC is a total-system stochastic simulator to address inventory distribution, environmental release and transport, and impacts to human health and ecological, economic and cultural resources from hundreds of radiological and chemical waste disposal sites for the entire Hanford Site in southeast Washington State.

The Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) Model
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Modeling landfill design and performance.

Visual HELP
By Nova Metrix , LLC (formerly Schlumberger Water Services). An advanced hydrological modeling environment available for designing landfills, predicting leachate mounding and evaluating potential leachate seepage to the groundwater table. Visual HELP combines the latest version of the HELP model with an easy-to use interface and powerful graphical features for designing the model and evaluating the modeling results.

Waste-Integrated Systems Assessment for Recovery and Disposal (WISARD)
By The Ecobilan Group (aka Ecobalance, Inc.). A tool designed to assess the economic and environmental impact of municipal solid waste management.

We3 Compliance Manager
By Green Oak Solutions. The We3 Compliance Manager product provides end-to-end management of large-scale logistics and recycling operations. The application delivers a consolidated view of multiple waste streams and is designed to drive cost reductions and compliance management for OEMs, CEMs, large corporate, compliance schemes, local authorities and environmental agencies.

WRATE (Waste and Resources Assessment Tool for the Environment)
By The Environment Agency. WRATE is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software tool for comparing different management systems treating Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

For a directory of free Waste Treatment and Disposal Resources, check out EHSfreeware.

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