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3E Waste Management
By 3E Company. Manages all or part of your hazardous waste information. The system will allow the user to obtain competitive bids from pre-qualified TSD contractors, track waste by type and status at all points in the process, and prepare required reports.

ARCHIBUS Waste Management Module
By ARCHIBUS, Inc. The ARCHIBUS Waste Management module organizes information on the various types of wastes and residuals: waste shipments, air emissions, water discharges, recycling. Information regarding on-site storage and accumulation of waste by profile, location or other search criteria are part of the base functionality of this application. Information can be sorted by waste type (hazardous, municipal, residual), destination (disposal, recycling, release), internal category, business operation, and more.

By SAI Global Limited. Cintellate has been designed based on international EHS and Risk standards. Cintellate's EHS and Risk processes include incident/event management, business planning, risk identification and assessment, change management, obligations management, audit and inspections, project management, action management and many more. Some of the supported environmental processes include air and water monitoring, waste management, and emissions trading.

COMPASS: Waste Management
By Process Data Control Corp. COMPASS: Waste Management is a part of the Compliance Assurance System - the COMPASS. The Waste Management module tracks on-site and off-site waste identification and movement including cost center pounds and allocated disposal costs. It prepares, prints, and reports on Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest shipments and helps prepare and submit management and annual agency waste reports.

Compliance Map
By The Compliance Map. The Compliance Map solution offers a knowledgebase of current compliance regulations. The Corporate edition includes access to Interactive Map, dashboards, and the Compliance Calendar and Reporting interface (e.g. for Packaging, WEEE, Battery).

DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules
By Knorr Associates Inc. DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules are part of the comprehensive DataPipe EH&S Software. You can purchase the entire system or individual modules. Environmental Modules include: Air Pollution, Emission Source Tests, Form R, Lab Packs, MSDS Generation, NPDES, Ozone Depleting Substances/CFCs, PCB Inventory & Containers, Process Models, Responsible Care, Storage Tanks, Tank Activity, TSCA, Waste Characterization, Waste Receiving, Waste Shipping, Waste Storage, Waste Treatment/Recovery, List of Lists, Permit History, Project Management, Spill Calculator, and Water Quality. It also includes modules for general activities such as Questionnaires and a Tickler/To-Do feature.

e3 EMIS Waste Management Module
By e3 Solutions, Inc. The EMIS Waste Management module tracks waste generation, storage and disposal activities. Key features include waste storage time tracking, waste shipment manifesting, and automatic preparation of quarterly, annual and biennial waste reports for regulatory agencies. Users are automatically notified when waste storage activities or manifest procedures approach compliance deadlines or thresholds.

By Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E). eH&E-Healthcare is an affordable Environment of Care (EC) support program designed specifically to help healthcare institutions maintain continuous Joint Commission compliance in preparation for unannounced surveys. Includes a Safety and Hazardous Materials Management Solution which is also available separately.

EHS Insight
By StarTex Software LLC. EHS Insight provides EHS Management capabilities such as: Incident Management and Investigations, Environmental Management, Management of Change, Audits and Inspections, and Proactive Measures and Risk Management. Other Environmental Management features include Plans and Procedures, Greenhouse Gas and Emissions Management, Chemical Inventory Management, MSDS and COSHH, Waste Management, and Storm Water and Waste Water Data Management.

EMS - Chemical Inventory
By SFS Chemical Safety Inc. (dba Chemical Safety Software). Available as a standalone system, the Chemical Inventory module of the company's Environmental Management Systems maintains product information at a level of detail designed specifically to support compliance and regulatory reporting. Regulatory Reporting tools generate standard federal, state, local and international reports such as SARA Report, Annual and Biennial reports.

EMS - Waste Management
By SFS Chemical Safety Inc. (dba Chemical Safety Software). Available as a standalone system, the Waste Management module of the company's Environmental Management Systems tracks waste from the point of generation to manifesting and disposal. The profile and stream database stores detailed information on facility-specific wastes. Profiles can be attached to manifests and containers, and include chemical composition and properties, shipping name and hazard labeling, disposal method, tax category, and expiration date. In addition to user-defined management reports, this modules generates required state and federal compliance reports.

EnviroManager Software
By Tetra Tech, Inc. EnviroManager Software helps manage environmental compliance. Modules are divided into three groups: Portal Modules, Management Modules and Inventory Modules. Note that although organizations can pick individual modules they are configured to work together if selected as a group. Portal Modules include Compliance Management Dashboard, Sustainability Metrics Portal, Environmental WebTrainer, and EnviroMapper GIS. Management Modules include MSDS, Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, and Audit Management. Inventory Modules include Green House Gas Emissions (GHG), Tanks, Asbestos, PCB/Transformer, and Cultural Resources.

Environmental Performance Management Solution (EPMS)
By Verisae, Inc. EPMS is not only concerned with supply chain resource or carbon emissions management. It also addresses the wider issues of sustainable planning and design, waste reduction and water management. The Solution includes Carbon Emissions Manager, Sustainability Project Manager, Site Compliance Manager, Water Manager, Waste Manager, and Refrigerant Gas Manager.

By Contemporary Technologies, Inc. An application with a web-based interface for enterprise-wide management of hazardous and special case materials. Designed specifically for companies treating, storing and disposing of these materials.

Envizi (formerly Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP))
By Envizi (formerly CarbonSystems Pty Ltd). Envizi, is a cloud-based software platform that provides the flexibility to collect and manage all your data types including energy, carbon emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3), environment (water, waste, pollutants), corporate responsibility and supply chain as well as key business metrics used for KPI reporting.

EPOCH Chemical Data Management Modules
By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. These modules of EPOCH environmental data management software include Chemical Inventory, MSDS, 313 Form R, and Tank Inventory and Inspection. Inventory amounts can be entered at the chemical or container level. The same data can be used to generate: Tier I and Tier II Reports, 313 Form R threshold calculations, and VOC emission data.

EPOCH Hazardous Waste Management Modules
By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. These modules of EPOCH environmental data management software include Manifest, Container Tracking, and PCB Equipment.

ERA Environmental Software (formerly ERA-EMS)
By ERA Environmental Consulting, Inc. Features an integrated database and includes regulatory tracking and reporting capabilities for SARA 312 (Tier II reporting) and SARA 313 (TRI tracking , Form R Reporting), Canadian Reports (NPRI & Ontario Rule 127), air emissions management, and waste management. Includes a built-in master chemical list with 9000 chemicals.

ESOH Waste Management Module
By Northrop Grumman. Part of ESOH-MIS. Provides options to manage all aspects of hazardous waste generation, movement, and disposal.

Ex3 EHS Data Management System
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). Ex3 EHS Data Management System is a web-based application available in either a customized version specific to your organization's needs or as a subscription service. Features include injury/illness tracking, safety incident tracking, OSHA reporting, safety inspections, chemical management, industrial hygiene, medical monitoring, task assignment, waste tracking, chemical use reporting, chemical approval, Hazmat reporting, and safety training tracking.

By HEMMIS N.V. ExESS provides inventory, reporting and management for the Environmental, Health and Safety needs (EH&S) of a company. Modules include Chemicals Management, Management Systems, Measurement Management, and Waste Management. The Chemicals Management Module helps manage product data, storage, registrations, MSDS, TremCards, labels, waste management, safety cards, INCI, SEVESO, calculation of preparations, ADR, REACH, GHS, IUCLID interfacing, distribution of product information, product stewardship, and more. The Management Systems module helps manage workplace descriptions and analysis, risk identification and evaluation, dynamic risk assessment, KINEY, MUOPO, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Balanced Score Card, Responsible Care, EN1050, SOBANE, environmental and safety indicators, and chemical safety assessment. The Measurement Management module manages collection of emission data including water, air, and soil, and compares emissions to legal exposure limits.

FacTS Inspection Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. This FacTS module allows for the building, recording, and documenting of on-site inspections of equipment and locations. The user defines inspection parameters, builds the survey forms, and tracks and stores inspection records and findings. This module is designed to interface with the Standard Operating Procedures module, allowing the user to automatically schedule inspections.

FacTS Permit Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. Using this module, the user builds and maintains tables describing an unlimited number of permit types, issuing agencies, issued dates, expiration dates, renewal dates, permit conditions, and required tests to meet permit conditions. Any out-of-permit conditions are noted, and the user is alerted to these at the time of sign-on.

FacTS Waste Tracking / Management Module
By Quantum Compliance. This FacTS module allows the user to access the menus used to define the types of waste generated by the facility, define the TSDRFs used, and to build waste manifests. This module also provides the ability to generate the three-part Biennial Waste Report.

Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances
By CCH, INCORPORATED. Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances delivers fast online access to compliance solutions for hazardous waste management problems. It offers continually updated analysis of RCRA, CERCLA, EPCRA and PCB regulations to help you better understand regulatory requirements.

HazMat T&T
By IMEC Technologies. HazMat T&T® is a Waste Management Software system which tracks waste, including hazardous waste from the point of creation to the point of shipment or disposal. HazMat T&T® maintains a comprehensive database of your waste, enabling the production of shipment reports, EPA reports, cost analysis, recycling reports providing a full waste management system.

By MAXCOM, A Division of Haas TCM. Haztrack is a waste management tracking solution. The system is web-based and supports various RCRA regulated reports as well as inventory barcode scanning.

By HWT HazWaste Technologies Corporation. A hazardous waste tracking system that generates labels and manifests.

IHS Compliance Suite Waste Management Software
By IHS ESS. Compile shipments quickly and easily by tracking and recording waste profiles, containers, approvals, and TSDF information. Track your waste inventories, including accumulation, storage, containers, and lab packs. Record the contents of your waste profiles. Manage container inventories by generating shipments and associated documents, including manifests and inventory sheets. Check CFRs from within the program. Save time using the DOT proper shipping name database that is pre-loaded. Automatically print your Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest and Straight Bill of Lading.

IHS Essential FEMS (Fugitive Emissions Management System)
By IHS ESS. Simplifies and automates all of the information processes required for complying with LDAR requirements in Hazardous Organics NESHAPS (HON), Benzene NESHAPS, New Source Performance Standards, NESHAPS Subpart FF, RCRA Subpart BB and many state specific requirements.

IHS Essential Waste
By IHS ESS. A browser-based solution that helps you characterize waste streams, monitor their flow, track waste containers, and generate waste manifests and reports. Essential Waste helps you track revisions to waste profiles and stores accounting and activity data required for biennial and SARA reporting. Click to view the waste description, container ID, manifest number, mode of transportation, handling instructions, and more. A module of the company's IHS Essential Suite EH&S management information system.

By IHS Inc. A web-enabled, cradle-to-grave hazardous materials management and tracking system integrating web-enabled database technologies to meet the needs of government and commercial enterprises in complying with EPA, state, local and public hazardous materials concerns. IHS's cradle-to-grave hazardous material/hazardous waste management system is used by some of the largest military depots in the world, tracking over 30,000 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) listed substances.

Intelex Waste Management System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. The Intelex Waste Management System is a fully configurable comprehensive set of tools that enables organizations to easily manage, track, and report on the various stages of waste management and disposal; including categorizing potential wastes, tracking generated waste and recycled material, on-site waste treatment, and waste and recyclable shipments.

Keller-Soft Hazwaste Manifest Manager
By J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Helps you fill out, save, and print the new (2006) Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest forms and waste labels.

By ChroMaSoft GmbH. Administer and document your laboratory chemical wastes. All data are centrally maintained and organized by category from storage to disposal.

Locus Waste Management Module (formerly eWaste)
By Locus Technologies. Waste Management is a Locus software module for tracking and reporting of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. It automatically assigns EPA and Department of Transportation regulatory information to waste chemicals. It manages waste profiles, allowing for full EPA reporting capabilities. Waste Management features point-and-click preparation and printing of federal Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests, non-hazardous waste manifests, and bills of lading.

mai suite
By EHA Soft Solutions. The mai suite is a web-based set of integrated EH&S modules, including: Waste Management, mai Manager, Safety Risk Assessment, Environmental Risk Assessment, Accident Report & Investigation, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Occupational Health.

By BEM Systems, Inc. MatTrak assists users in collecting, tracking, analyzing and reporting on solid, liquid and gaseous materials movement and related costs, including waste management, chemical inventory tracking, asbestos/lead-based paint management, O&M, and contaminated soil/sediment tracking. MatTrak's embedded GIS module allows you to map out material movement data in relation to property boundaries and containment data (if any).

MIRS Waste Management and RCRA Compliance Modules
By A V Systems, Inc. Provides cradle-to-grave waste tracking by container, waste material, component, date, generator, transporter and disposal facility. Generates manifests, EPA biennial Form IC, GM, and OI reports, SQG status reports, waste labels, and many ad-hoc reports. Includes RCRA and DOT tables.

By Sobha Renaissance Information Technology (SRIT). NVizion is an enterprise-wide, integrated, web based EH&S solution that enables managers to make vital decisions. NVizion helps set, track and report goals. NVizion helps meet compliance with ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standards. NVizion is a web-based transactional system with workflow based automation of business processes. NVizion's features includes online analytic processing, business alerts and notification, and system administrator interface. NVizion offers the following modules: Incident Tracking; Audits and Non Conformance; Environmental Management; Industrial Hygiene; Risk Assessment; Occupational Health; and Waste Management.

By IHS ESP (Environmental Software Providers). A solution for proactive waste information management. The module establishes your approved Treatment, Storage and Disposal facilities (TSDFs), waste profiles and transporters.

OSHA and EPA Strongware
By Safety Analysis Systems Co. Form templates to meet OSHA and EPA requirements, including MSDSs.

ProcessMAP Environmental Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include Environmental Incident Management, Permits & Registration Compliance, Storage Tank Management, Waste Management, and Aspects & Impacts.

Product Compliance Suite (formerly Materials Compliance Suite (MCS))
By Atrion International, Inc. Atrion’s Product Compliance Suite (PCS) is a single enterprise-wide solution to help you create, manage and distribute a variety of hazard communication documents and reports. It helps with regulatory document authoring and management, up-to-date managed regulatory content, chemical management, and supply chain communication.

By Green Oak Solutions. Recycler is a software solution available for the waste and recycling industry. The web based solution comprises modules for managing sales, purchases, contracts, invoicing, containers, fleet, duty of care and regulatory reporting requirements all within a single end-to-end solution.

regAction webWMS
By regAction Inc. (formerly International Environmental Associates, Inc. (IEA)). The regAction Waste Management Module (webWMS) helps organizations standardize activity by providing adaptable tools to manage facility waste data from calculations methodologies to site specific or enterprise wide chemical databases to commonly used transporters, storage or disposal facilities. The module enables users to efficiently implement, track and report water activity across the entire organization.

Sanitas (formerly GSAS)
By Sanitas Technologies. The Sanitas™ (formerly GSAS) software package offers automated comprehensive RCRA statistics for Subtitle C and D facilities. Sanitas's decision support takes the guesswork out of statistics, while its "point and click" selection system provides minimal analysis set-up time.

SAP EHS Management
By SAP AG / Technidata. SAP EHS Management is a comprehensive, integrated application that enables your company to streamline and implement EHS strategies. With a broad range of capabilities, SAP EHS Management addresses regulatory compliance and helps you identify, manage, and mitigate EHS risks cost by taking an integrated approach to all aspects of risk and compliance. You can maintain operating licenses, avoid incidents, keep facilities and transportation safe, and deliver compliant and safe products to customers. Consists of several modules that integrate with the SAP enterprise-wide system to support: product safety and hazardous substance management, hazardous goods management, industrial hygiene and safety, waste management, and occupational medicine.

SE Waste Management
By SoftExpert. SE Waste Management automates the collection, storage, transfer, processing, transportation and disposal processes in your company for all your generated waste products.

By BEM Systems, Inc. STOICS (Storage Tank Operation Inventory and Compliance System) manages data for underground storage tanks (USTs), aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and piping systems. STOICS includes an embedded GIS module that lets you see where the issues are as well as what they are.

By Terralink Systems, Inc. (TSI). TAXI, or Terralink Automated eXchange of Information, uses XML technology, to provide a platform for electronically moving profiles, manifests, inventory and other relevant information.

By Terralink Systems, Inc. (TSI). Terralink Data eXchange (TDX) is a platform that provides the basis for managing all your hazardous waste information needs.

TDX Anywhere
By Terralink Systems, Inc. (TSI). TDXAnywhere is TDX on the web. This web application provides the basis for managing all your hazardous waste information needs - with just a web browser and no local software installation.

By Terralink Systems, Inc. (TSI). A Web application making access to profiles, manifests and reports easier than ever.

By Terralink Systems, Inc. (TSI). A lower cost solution to print hazardous and non-hazardous manifests, bill of ladings, and labels.

The Enviance System
By Enviance, Inc. The Enviance Internet-based solution allows users to organize environmental, health and safety reporting data in one place. It helps with GHG and Carbon Accounting, Sustainability and CSR, Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Health & Safety, and Enterprise Performance Management. Enviance will store your data, creating a centralized data management platform, adding consistency and integrity to data sets. Enviance’s feature-rich tool kit and built-out templates allow you to manage your complex environmental, health and safety obligations, such as greenhouse gas, NPDES, Title V, RCRA, TRI, and OSHA. The Enviance SaaS platform has a built-in flexible reporting mechanism, which enables the generation of standardized and customized reports.

UL The Wercs
By UL The Wercs. These supply chain data management and Safety Data Sheet software solutions offer advanced functionality to help businesses succeed in the international marketplace — from becoming REACH compliant to meeting GHS deadlines. THE WERCS (Worldwide Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Solutions) was developed over thirty years ago as an "industrial strength" MSDS generator. The software now spans the chemical lifecycle including, chemical approval, risk assessment, vendor MSDS, BOM (R&D), MSDS creation, paperless distribution, label generation, SARA, waste and much more. It is a scalable production system designed to offer chemical manufacturers and related industries the ability to daily produce thousands of documents in any language for any country.

Waste Management
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Delivering practical waste management advice to ensure you have the information you need to comply with legislation, and maintain an effective waste management policy.

Waste Management Software Healthcare Edition
By IMEC Technologies. HazMat T&T® Healthcare Edition is a Clinical / Medical Waste Management Software system which tracks waste from the point of creation to the point of shipment or disposal. HazMat T&T® Healthcare Edition maintains a comprehensive database of your clinical/medical waste including sharps containers, bag waste and pharmacy waste enabling the production of shipment reports, EPA/EA reports, etc.

By HighPoint Software Services, Inc. The Waste Management System (WMS-Calc) is a Windows-based system to track and report waste management at a facility. WMS-Calc is a cradle to grave system for waste management from waste collection, containerization, storage and manifesting. The WMS-Calc system also has alerts and ticklers for compliance clocks in the waste management process.

WRATE (Waste and Resources Assessment Tool for the Environment)
By The Environment Agency. WRATE is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software tool for comparing different management systems treating Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

For a directory of free Waste Management and RCRA Compliance Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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