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3E Green Product Analyzer (GPA)
By 3E Company. The 3E GPA (Green Product Analyzer) provides data and information needed to support sustainability and EH&S compliance initiatives, giving EH&S and purchasing staff the detailed information they need about the chemical makeup of products -- information that will enable sophisticated analysis, application and decision support, and ultimately better product sourcing and management.

Accident Investigation Database
By Occupational & Environmental Health Consulting Services, Inc. (OEHCS). Identifying the circumstances leading up to an accident and analyzing them is a key element in any safety program. This database can help the safety manager to identify those circumstances which result in employee injury.

Actio Regulator
By Actio Corporation. As a stand-alone module or coupled with Actio Gatekeeper, Regulator alleviates tracking and reporting hardships by flagging all potentially hazardous substances and their components. Newly received hazardous materials are identified and reported to the appropriate administrators for on-site approval and/or notification. Chemical inventory quantities are compiled and reported to the Regulator users for appropriate distribution throughout the facility. Actio Regulator automatically generates Tier I, Tier II and Schedule R reports for compliance with federal regulations.

By BlazeTech Corp. ADORA (Atmospheric Dispersion of Reacting Agents) is a Safety & Environmental Consequence Analysis tool available for organizations involved in environmental impact assessments for intentional or accidental discharge of hazardous chemicals that react with air, moisture or each other. ADORA particularly models: OBOD (Open Burn and Open Detonation) applications, Spills of chemicals that react with moisture (e.g., halogenated compounds and silanes), and Fires and Explosions of chemical mixtures. With its 2100+ chemical database (phases included), ADORAv2.1 has been validated against test data and was selected for use in Toxic Release Inventory Reporting at 13 Ammunition depots of the US Army.

By Safety Software Limited. Airsweb (Accident and Incident Reporting / Recording System) is a modular, web-based QHSE software solution. It includes modules for accidents / incidents, audit management, risk assessment, environmental, pro-active safety, action tracking, MSDS and my Airsweb. The software supports multiple languages.

AIRSWEB Risk Assessment
By Safety Software Limited. The Airsweb Risk Assessment module helps manage operational and security risk assessment throughout the lifecycle of a activity, project etc. The system is designed to manage hazard, risk and control measure data for any type of organization, function or task, as well as all related communications to the management and workforce. It records, processes and analyzes data that enables an organization to assess the hazards in its workplace, identify those people at risk and develop appropriate control measures.

Antero Maintenance Data Management
By AllMax Software, Inc. Antero is a maintenance data management program designed for maintenance managers. Antero allows you to maintain current listings of your vendors/manufacturers, equipment, meters, parts/materials, and contractors plus a history of work performed. In addition, the software enables you to schedule preventive and corrective maintenance tasks based on calendar days, meter usage, and high or low gauge readings. Create purchase and work orders along with keeping track of maintenance costs and inventory levels. Cost reports, work order forecast reports, summary reports, and current inventory reports are examples of the reporting capabilities included with the program.

ARCHIBUS Clean Building Module
By ARCHIBUS, Inc. The ARCHIBUS Clean Building module focuses on the management of asbestos, lead-based paint, industrial hygiene (indoor air quality) and other hazardous materials. As with other ARCHIBUS modules, information is associated with locations, drilling down to building, floor, room and equipment level of detail. For each material, you define your material type(s) and associated locations. You then can add information for material samples, locations, results and documentation.

Assure (formerly SHE)
By SHE Software Limited (formerly Lexware International Ltd). Assure, SHE® Software's online health and safety software lets all of your workforce report incidents, record hazards and view CoSHH, policy and guidance information through a simple safety portal. Make sure actions, tasks and information reviews are managed and completed on time with the integrated Action Manager and Review Scheduler, which includes email and SMS reminders and escalation.

By SIVCO Inc. BIOLOGISTIX™ helps track controlled substances and maintain compliance with governmental regulations and mandates. It provides a comprehensive approach to chemical management throughout the lifecycle of chemical, biological, radioactive and hazardous substances within large-scale university and corporate research environments.

By Groundwater Software Online, LLC. RISC (Risk-Integrated Software for Clean-ups) performs fate and transport modeling and human health risk assessments for contaminated sites. In addition to traditional risk calculations, RISC calculates a cleanup level for an input value of risk. Fate and transport models are available to estimate receptor point concentrations in groundwater and indoor and outdoor air. RISC can be used to estimate the potential for adverse human health impacts (both carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic) from up to nine exposure pathways. Developed by BP Oil and Lynn R. Spence.

By Sologic, LLC. Causelink Root Cause Analysis (RCA) software is offered as desktop or enterprise software. Causelink desktop enables facilitators to configure a professional incident report that includes the problem statement, cause and effect chart, solutions, evidence, executive summaries, and more. Causelink Enterprise is browser-based and stores all RCA information. It offers visual dashboards and reports that enable one to mine, monitor and report on RCA results and progress. It includes a Google Map interface for a quick snapshot of active RCA's around the world, common cause identification and RCA work-flow management. Equipped with automated email notifications (action tracking, over-dues and work process responsibilities), users and managers can keep an eye on RCA progression and are reminded of approaching due dates as well as over-dues.

By Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). With CHEMpendium you have access to information on chemical hazards, workplace safety, regulatory compliance, emergency response, transport of hazardous materials, environmental data and more. Search one, some or all of the databases in the collection. Regular updates keep you current.

By SAI Global Limited. Cintellate has been designed based on international EHS and Risk standards. Cintellate's EHS and Risk processes include incident/event management, business planning, risk identification and assessment, change management, obligations management, audit and inspections, project management, action management and many more. Some of the supported environmental processes include air and water monitoring, waste management, and emissions trading.

CISPro Live!
By Accelrys Inc. (formerly ChemSW, Inc.). The CIS Chemical Inventory System was developed specifically for the management and tracking of laboratory chemicals. This easy-to-use, high-performance, relational database program tracks and maintains accurate, real-time chemical inventory information, for use in regulated or non-regulated environments or a combination of both. CISPro Live provides you with the best-of-breed, top-of-the-line CISPro Global solution at an eminently affordable low cost of entry.

COSHH Assessment & Management Software
By Alcumus Holdings Limited (formerly Sypol). A web based COSHH management software system. Users have access to a database of COSHH risk assessments and all the supporting information. The screens lead the user through the simple traffic light system of material identification and show the appropriate assessment, offering suitable alternatives where necessary. The resulting risk assessment sheet displays all the details for controlling the risk associated with the material, making the next step easy by using Pictograms to reference the correct risk control required.

By Ethos Solution Ltd. COSHH365 assists any proprietor or health and safety professional to manage, monitor and control hazards associated with the use of hazardous substances at work. This online tool creates visual CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) reports to identify, control and reduce risk.

Croner Software Risk Assessment
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). The Croner Software Risk Assessment system helps you keep records of risk assessments and reminds you to undertake relevant actions. The software is available to subscribers of the full and CD-ROM versions. Specially designed records, checklists and forms take you through each stage of the risk assessment process, including examples and case studies.

Croner-i Health and Safety Expert
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Get a comprehensive view of UK health and safety legislation with this essential resource. Including the latest regulations and best practice, plus telephone support from the Health and Safety Helpline. Includes Accident Recording Webtool Online, Health and Safety Audit Webtool Online, and Risk Assessment Webtool Online.

Croner-i Health, Safety and Environment
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Comply with the latest health and safety and environment legislation. This essential online service gives you all the information you need, plus telephone support from the Health and Safety Helpline. Includes Accident Recording Webtool Online, Croner-i Health, Safety and Environment Online, Health and Safety Audit Webtool Online, and Risk Assessment Webtool Online.

CTS Automated Job Hazard Analysis Software
By Open Range Software. The CTS Automated Job Hazard Analysis (AJHA) Software provides a new system for job planners, facility managers, and subject matter experts to combine their expertise into a single process designed to ensure that work is performed safely and in compliance with applicable regulations and permits. The process helps ensure that the principles of Integrated Safety Management (ISM) are followed and that the hazards and controls associated with each job are clearly identified so that workers can understand how to perform the job safely.

CTS Health and Safety Surveys Program
By Open Range Software. Facilitates the creation of a written exposure assessment plan. Enables you to document, track, report, and analyze workplace risk assessments across your site or your entire company. Use the software to determine if each hazard has been reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) or if additional controls or changes to the work environment should be implemented.

By Design Safety Engineering, Inc. (DSE). A tool for engineers and safety professionals to incorporate safety through design by: identifying hazards; prompting engineers to think about hazards which they otherwise might overlook; conducting a risk assessment for identified hazards; reducing risks in a structured method; and preventing accidents and reducing liability.

Desktop Safety System
By Redshift Technologies, Inc. Identifies processes and operations that may pose a threat to your employees and specifies precautions and controls for preventing them from happening.

By EssentialSkillz. DriveWize is an online solution for delivering driver training and risk assessments more effectively.

e-Spectat® Online Behavioral Data Management Software
By B-Safe Management Solutions Inc. (formerly B-Safe Ltd). e-Spectat®, an observation data management system comprising corrective action tracking, data analysis, and reporting enable you to easily track the Percent Safe score, the volume of observations and the frequency of good and poor behaviors, by company, department, workarea or shift. Using this software, you’ll also be able to identify the factors that promote or detract from people's ability to perform safely.

By eConserve Software Pvt Ltd. This web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution includes accident/incident management, corrective action support, data management for Behavior Based Safety (BBS), risk assessments, task management, and document management. It supports compliance with US OSHA 300, 300A and 301 regulations – as well as related standards such as OHSAS 18001 guidelines for occupational health and safety management systems.

By Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E). eH&E-Healthcare is an affordable Environment of Care (EC) support program designed specifically to help healthcare institutions maintain continuous Joint Commission compliance in preparation for unannounced surveys. Includes a Safety and Hazardous Materials Management Solution which is also available separately.

By eHandS. eHandS health and safety software allows you to manage your health and safety obligations across multiple sites and provides the flexibility to accommodate the specific hazards of your industry. Functions include incident reports, accident investigation, COSHH assessment, risk assessment, safety inspection, training records management, asbestos register, and more.

EHS Tracker
By Safety Tracker Software Corp. EHS Tracker 2.0 is a Windows-based database application that enables EHS professionals to plan, implement, manage, monitor and enforce their safety programs throughout the organization. Use it to input EHS data, schedule events, track employee training, perform inspections, audits, investigate incidents, document corrective and preventive actions, perform job and hazard analysis, track EHS permits and upcoming compliance deadlines, send automatic email notifications, and much more.

EMS - Auditing and Inspections
By SFS Chemical Safety Inc. (dba Chemical Safety Software). Available as a standalone system, the Auditing and Inspections module of the company's Environmental Management Systems is used to keep an inventory of all safety equipment. Using your PDA and barcodes, you can "scan in" all safety equipment in a specific location such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc. The Mobile Inspection Wizard allows individual customers to produce a fully customized set of questions that best describe their inspection procedures.

Enablon BCM
By Enablon. Enablon BCM is an integrated, web solution for the automated management of a company's business continuity management cycle. Enablon BCM offers the following functionalities: identifying sensitive processes; defining business continuity plans; managing and monitoring crises; and reporting and governance.

Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting System
By Applications International Corporation. The Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting system is a suite of modules that support Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM), Enterprise Risk Management, and Sustainability Management. Modules include: Workers Compensation, Training Management, Injury Illness, JSA, Corrective Action Tracking, Fires, Spills, NOV/Agency Visits, Complaints, Audit Management, MSDS Management, Carbon Management etc.

Environmental Compliance Management Solutions (HAZMAT)
By IHS Inc. IHS offers companies a complete solution for responding to and complying with RoHS, WEEE and other environmental regulations. The Environmental Compliance solution from IHS combines software tools, expert consulting services, comprehensive reference data and ongoing access to critical environmental compliance information.

Environmental Knowledge and Assessment Tool (EKAT)
By CABEM Technologies. The Environmental Knowledge and Assessment Tool (EKAT) is a software tool used to identify, research, and evaluate environmental and pollution prevention options for products and systems. EKAT is designed and built by the team of M2 Technologies, Kansas State University, and CABEM Technologies as members of the National Environmental Evaluation and Remediation Consortium (NEER). EKAT is a suite of integrated modules designed to mitigate safety and environmental risks associated with material, product and system use. EKAT’s capabilities include: an environmental screening tool for regulatory requirements and potential issues of concern; estimating emissions from equipment or processes; an indoor air chemical concentration module; National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) evaluations; and Programmatic Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Evaluation (PESHE) reports required by the Department of Defense.

By Unwin Company. A tool for facilitating and documenting process hazard analyses (PHAs) such as required under the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard and the EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule. Includes optional methods for PHA performance, including HAZOPS, Procedure-Based HAZOPS, What-If?, What If?/Checklist, and FMEA.

EPOCH Health and Safety Modules
By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. These modules of EPOCH environmental data management software include Industrial Hygiene, Event Tracking, and MSDS.

By EssentialSkillz. ErgoWize is EssentialSkillz's online DSE software solution that enables organisations to deliver and manage Display Screen Equipment training & risk assessment(s) more effectively.

ESIS e-risk Manager
By ESIS Inc. ESIS e-risk Manager is a web based risk management information system designed to provide interaction, analysis, follow-up and tracking of Health, Safety and Environmenal hazards.

ESOH Material Management Module
By Northrop Grumman. Part of ESOH-MIS. Tracks material management activities by recording material constituents, material inventory, material issue (in which material is issued to a person/Potential Exposure Group (PEG) for use in a specific activity/process), and material use. It provides options to prepare information for Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports on chemical release. Through this menu you record complete information on chemicals tracked, including hazards they represent, and recommended treatment in cases of accidental exposure.

ESP (Employee Sound Profiler)
By Safe@Work, Inc. The Employee Sound Profiler (ESP) is a simple program for computing noise exposures using the Task-Based Exposure Assessment Model (T-BEAM).

Ex3 Chemical Management Modules
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Chemical Management Modules provide complete "cradle-to-grave" chemical tracking for government or industrial operations. Complete inventory management, important regulatory and hazard characteristics, regulatory list management, chemical consumption data, chemical ingredients, MSDS documentation, and other related components are available to support individual chemical management needs.

Ex3 Corrective Issues Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Corrective Issues Management Module offers an enterprise-wide solution for problem reporting and corrective action management. Problems, or issues, of any type can be recorded, investigative findings documented, and follow-up activities to correct the issue can be assigned and managed through completion.

Ex3 Industrial Hygiene Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Industrial Hygiene Management Module provides for cross-site, cross-facility, and cross-department statistical analysis reporting from both qualitative and quantitative assessments. Specific reporting such as Chain of Custody and Employee Notification are available. Air-borne, noise, laser, and radiation assessments can be easily managed using this module.

Ex3 Observation Survey Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.).

Ex3 Safety Incident Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Safety Incident Management Module tracks data related to fires, explosions, chemical spills, or any other type of safety incident. Associations with people, work environment, equipment, and other investigation data support root cause analysis. Dynamic reporting capabilities provide instantaneous graphics, reports, indicators, and paretos to support your Safety Team's efforts for an "Injury-Free" workplace.

By HEMMIS N.V. ExESS provides inventory, reporting and management for the Environmental, Health and Safety needs (EH&S) of a company. Modules include Chemicals Management, Management Systems, Measurement Management, and Waste Management. The Chemicals Management Module helps manage product data, storage, registrations, MSDS, TremCards, labels, waste management, safety cards, INCI, SEVESO, calculation of preparations, ADR, REACH, GHS, IUCLID interfacing, distribution of product information, product stewardship, and more. The Management Systems module helps manage workplace descriptions and analysis, risk identification and evaluation, dynamic risk assessment, KINEY, MUOPO, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Balanced Score Card, Responsible Care, EN1050, SOBANE, environmental and safety indicators, and chemical safety assessment. The Measurement Management module manages collection of emission data including water, air, and soil, and compares emissions to legal exposure limits.

Exposure Version 2
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Exposure, Version 2 is a model for calculating individual exposure to indoor air pollutants from indoor sources. The model is designed to calculate exposure due to individual, as opposed to population, activity patterns, and source use. The model uses data on source emission, room-to-room air flows, air exchange, with the outdoors, and indoor sinks to predict concentration-time profiles for all rooms. 1991.

Eye-CEE System
By Corporate Vision Consulting. The Eye-CEE System for VDT users is a Windows software program which can test the visual abilities of the computer user, on their own screen.

Facility Management Assistant
By The Zoldak Group, Inc. Used for risk-based recognition, evaluation, & control of facility-based hazards or ISO non-conformances. Pen-based field modules can be used for inspection. Central client-server module for tracking, scheduling, metrics, analysis, communication, and prioritization. Stores digital photos of findings, has metrics, reports. Reports can be exported to inter/intranet. Has library of over 7,000 hazards.

FacTS Safety
By Quantum Compliance. The Safety feature calculates safety statistics and generates detailed summary reports that can help in determining how employee safety can be improved, leading to reduced accidents and worker compensation costs.

Fire Risk Management
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Practical guidance on how to set up and maintain an effective and integrated fire risk management system. The CD-ROM includes advanced record-keeping software so that you can carry out a fire risk assessment.

FrontLine Root Cause Analysis Software
By Decision Systems, Inc. (DSI). The FrontLine™ tool was intially designed as a 15-20 minute mode of investigation within the full REASON® Root Cause Analysis System. But, for organizations that are just starting to look at RCA, this tool can be a place to begin taking the first steps down a root cause path. The software provides a manual that communicates the thinking, method and process. It's the same thinking and method as the REASON® Root Cause Analysis system but with a much shorter process.

Generation II of the Dosimetry System (GENII)
By Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Generation II of the Dosimetry System (GENII)-This software tool provides a technically peer-reviewed, documented set of programs for calculating radiation doses from radionuclides released to the environment.

Green Product Selector
By IHS Dolphin Software, Inc. The Green Product Selector (GPS) analyzes maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) chemical products by indexing their ingredients. This tool provides insight into product spend, hazards and proliferation, giving companies a comprehensive overview for increased procurement performance. Once a company’s chemical inventory information has been entered into the Green Product Selector, products are categorized by general and specific use. Product and ingredient information are used to rank items by price-per-unit, human hazard and environmental hazard points. Points are assigned based on the ingredients on federal and international hazardous chemical lists.

HAZ LFG Fire/Risk
By Trinity Consultants, Inc. The potential risks associated with liquefied fuel gas (LFG), and particularly liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be analyzed with the integrated BREEZE LFG Fire/Risk. LFG Fire/Risk allows the user to predict the vaporization rate and downwind vapor concentrations for explosions hazards and thermal radiation from resulting fires.

HazardReview LEADER
By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). Process hazard analysis software. It integrates HAZOP, What-if, Checklist, FMEA, LOPA, and other tools into a comprehensive program with linking, action item management, and data mining features not available in word processor- or spreadsheet-based solutions. Complete with foreign languages templates and type-ahead features.

HAZMIN: The Material Process Control Module
By LOGICAL Technology, Inc. The Material Process Control Module of HAZMIN allows a facility or corporation to institute as formal of a hazardous material management (review and approval) system as is necessary to fit its needs. Review committees can be established, approvals documented and the MSDS augmented with Safe Operating Procedures. In terms of HAZMIN modules, the Material Process Control module documents the approved usage and storage of hazardous materials (i.e. MSDS(s)) at a specific location.

HAZOP Manager
By Lihou Technical & Software Services. HAZOP Manager is a comprehensive Personal Computer program for the management of Hazard and Operability Studies (Hazops) and other similar safety-related reviews. it is designed to be easily configured for use in other familiar methodologies such as Process Hazards Analysis (PHA), check-list driven Hazard Identification Reviews (HazId), Risk Assessment Studies, SIL Analysis, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA and FMECA), etc.

By Isograph Inc. Hazop+ helps you to quickly and intuitively carry out Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) studies. It is customizable; you can extend it to include LOPA and IEC61508 assessments plus more specialized HAZOP studies such as CHAZOP.

IHS Compliance Suite Industrial Hygiene Management Software
By IHS ESS. Ensure the safety of your workforce by assessing worker exposure and providing recommendations for exposure reduction. Record and track sampling processes and the resulting information to be certain your employees are protected from exposures. Manage and maintain your personal protective equipment. Track medical examinations and re-exam dates. track the calibration of your testing equipment to ensure accurate test results. Create Similar Exposure Groups to document exposure to hazards and required PPE. Define stressors and record regulatory agency analytical methods and exposure limits.

IHS Compliance Suite Job Hazard Analysis Software
By IHS ESS. Analyze job hazards and communicate proper preventative measures. A module of the company's Compliance Suite EH&S management information system.

By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). IMSIS is a software tool for the collective, integrated safety and integrity management. The software contains a suite of modular tools for data gathering, analysis, trending, management and reporting around a flexible asset register database. It manages the overlaps among HSE, asset integrity and the independent SCE verification process. Though related, these core elements of life cycle asset management often reside independently within operating assets.

Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). ABS Consulting and EXP-Hazox have developed a system for Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reporting. The web-based system is designed to capture, analyze and report all adverse impacts to your organization. It combines: Incident Reporting, Investigation Management, RCA, Corrective Actions / Preventive Actions (CAPA) Management, and Management Dashboards / Statistical Analysis (e.g. LTIR, TRC, OSHA 300 Log). Additionally, it is fully integrated with other EXP-Hazox VisionSuite products.

Incident Management Software
By Remedy Interactive, Inc. In addition to basic incident reporting and compliance with OSHA and regional recordkeeping regulations, Remedy Interactive’s Incident Management Software features critical analysis and management capabilities to aid in incident prevention.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Model for Windows - RISK
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). A 1995 computer model, called RISK, for calculating individual exposure to indoor air pollutants from sources is presented. The model is designed to calculate exposure due to individual, as opposed to population, activity patterns and source use. The model also provides the capability to calculate risk due to the calculated exposure.

Industrial Hygiene Database
By STAR Consultants, Inc. An industrial hygiene data management system that tracks all of your IH data, analyzes exposure groups and even has pre-written notification letters available for use.

Industrial Hygiene Reporting
By Redshift Technologies, Inc. Tracks and relates medical records and exposure samples to identify trends and measure results of directives.

By TRA, Inc. IndustrySafe provides a comprehensive suite for safety and security management. IndustrySafe provides incident and injury management, safety inspection checklists, safety recommendation tracking, hazard management, training records management, and behavioral based safety tracking to help organizations improve safety throughout the organization.

InspectNTrack (formerly FM for Fire)
By TISCOR. Automates fire & life safety equipment inspections.

Intelex Organizational Risk Assessment System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. The Intelex Organizational Risk Assessment System offers small, medium, and enterprise-sized organizations a simple, four step approach to performing effective risk assessments.

Intelex Safety Hazards and Risks Assessment System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. Intelex’s Safety Hazards & Risks Assessment System assists organizations with the identification, scoring, ranking, and mitigation of existing and potential safety hazards and risks.

IRAP-h View
By Lakes Environmental Software. IRAP-h View implements the latest U.S. EPA guidance for evaluating risk from emission sources: the 1998 U.S. EPA - OSW Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP). IRAP-h View has a graphical interface, with help wizards, user tips, and more, to accommodate various experience levels of risk assessors, trial burn planners, permit writers, and toxicologists. IRAP-h View guides the inexperienced and experienced user alike step-by-step through completing a risk assessment according to the latest U.S. EPA recommended exposure scenarios; including specialty risk exposure pathways such as the Breast Milk Equation and Lead Exposure.

IStar Asbestos Management System
By Thomson Ltd. The iStar Asbestos Management system helps dutyholders, facility managers and health & safety officers comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations CAR 2012 and other HSE guidelines. The PC-based software solution provides an on-screen risk register of all infrastructure containing asbestos across your site(s). Items are logged with photos and site-plans, giving FMs, contractors and operatives a clear, up-to-date picture of all locations containing asbestos and their status. Users can search iStar Asbestos Management by text, maps, floor plans or site-grids.

JHA/Ergonomic Assessment Software
By STAR Consultants, Inc. A customized Microsoft Access database that documents, records and analyzes Job Hazard & Ergonomic Analysis. Hazard categories, PPE lists, controls are already pick listed and match up to OSHA Publication 3071. Reports can trend type of hazards by department, track action plans, etc.

Job Hazard Analytics (JHA)
By Alliant Corporation. Job Hazard Analytics™ (JHA™) is a web-based tool used to develop job hazard analyses. By accessing its relationship database for job steps, hazards, and controls, JHA™ guides the user to consistently and systematically create job hazard analyses.

KMI EHS System
By VelocityEHS (formerly Knowledge Management Innovations (KMI)). This web-based EHS software supports your efforts to increase worker safety, comply with regulatory requirements, quantify sustainability and lower your exposure to risk. It includes Incident Management, Corrective Action, Auditing and Compliance software.

Laidler Risk Management Software System
By Laidler Associates Consulting Service Ltd. Provides a PC based system that can manage hazards and risks that occur in the working environment. Being checklist based, any policy, procedure, regulation, standard or company standard that can be put into a yes/no/ not applicable checklist format can be incorporated into the system providing a complete health and safety package.

Locus Asset Management (formerly eAsset)
By Locus Technologies. The Asset Management module allows you to not only track all your important site equipment, but also their regulatory or in-house requirements. For example, there may be required maintenance, inspections, and monitoring to perform, ageing equipment to replace, and permits to renew. With the Asset Management module, you can track all this information in one place and even receive email notifications regarding their required tasks.

mai suite
By EHA Soft Solutions. The mai suite is a web-based set of integrated EH&S modules, including: Waste Management, mai Manager, Safety Risk Assessment, Environmental Risk Assessment, Accident Report & Investigation, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Occupational Health.

By NexGen Ergonomics Inc. ManneQuinPRO is a Windows-based human modeling and ergonomic design program. Equipped with a set of 2D/3D modeling and editing tools, the software features 3D humanoid figures for 11 populations and numerous percentiles and body types. The system is equipped with import/export tools to be used with graphics software such as Autodesk's AutoCAD and 3-D Studio Max. The software includes the revised NIOSH lifting equation, 3D biomechanical predictions, 5 levels of mannequin representation, frame-by-frame anaimation, and field-of-vision and reach cones.

By The GoodBye Chain Group. MDW is used by companies at all levels of the supply chain to collect, manage, and report RoHS–related data. MDW-ES Substance Management Sofware allows companies of all sizes to manage substance requirements beyond RoHS such as REACH and company specific Materials of Concern lists.

MDW-ES PEC Software / Green-ES®
By The GoodBye Chain Group. MDW-ES PEC Software is designed to help all types of manufacturing companies address requirements for 'Articles' as mandated by The European Union's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Directive. MDW-ES software and services can be used by companies at all levels of the supply chain to collect, manage, and report RoHS/REACH–related data, including authoring and storing Safety Data Sheets. The software allows companies to manage substance requirements beyond RoHS such as REACH and company specific Materials of Concern lists. Green-ES is the Software-As-A-Service version of MDW-ES software.

By The Drake Group. MESHsystems is an enterprise safety management system that uses Adobe Flash/Flex technology. It includes tracking for actions, audits, incidents, inspections, chemicals, and procedures. It helps with Learning Management Systems (LMS), Management of Change (MOC), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), and emergency management.

Meteorological Information and Dose Assessment System (MIDAS-NU)
By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). Meteorological Information and Dose Assessment System (MIDAS-NU) for nuclear power plant applications is the all-in-one software technology that models atmospheric dispersion of releases of radiological materials during routine and accident conditions. MIDAS-NU is designed to support emergency response and planning officials including exercise support and response planning.

By MSDSpro, LLC. A chemical authorization request and inventory system.

Multimedia Environmental Pollutant Assessment System (MEPAS)
By Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Multimedia Environmental Pollutant Assessment System (MEPAS)-This Windows-based risk analysis software tool estimates environmental concentrations and chronic public health impacts from radioactive and hazardous materials.

By Setu Net Pvt Ltd. mySetu suites and systems comprise of more than 50 modules across the EHS&S domain, including Performance Management, 3A (Aware, Acquire, and Assess) Knowledge Solutions, Incident Management, Industrial Safety Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Management, Sustainability Management, Crisis Management and Security Works.

Norton Waugh Health and Safety Manager
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Norton Waugh Health and Safety Management is a complete health and safety system providing expert guidance on risk assessment and electronic record-keeping software for risk assessments and incident recording.

ODC Manager
By Redshift Technologies, Inc. Tracks equipment, emissions and leak rates. Notifies when service is required, schedules and tracks maintenance and calculates impact.

Office Ergonomics Software
By Remedy Interactive, Inc. Office Ergonomics Software is a web-based and desktop solution that allows you to identify and analyze employee risk, automate injury prevention activities, and determine the effectiveness of these activities on an ongoing basis. Made for office environments, Office Ergonomics Software allows you to scale your injury prevention program across multiple locations worldwide.

One*dB (Occupational Noise Exposure Database)
By Safe@Work, Inc. One*dB (Occupational Noise Exposure Database) is a noise exposure calculator and database manager. One*dB™ supports traditional assessment methods such as dosimetry, but it is specifically designed for the sound exposure profiling method, also known as T-BEAM (Task-Based Exposure Assessment Modeling). This method of noise exposure assessment compiles individual sound samples measured for primary job activities that a worker performs. These activities, along with their associated sound levels, are entered into One*dB™ to compute the overall 8-hour TWA.

Online Proactive Technology & Industry Compliance (OPTIC) System
By Forge Dynamics Inc. The OPTIC System™ is an internet-based management tool focused on keeping companies' health and safety programs organized and in tune with budgets and business objectives. Modules include: Tool & Equipment Maintenance; Employee Training; Risk Management; Employee Management; and Online Resources.

Pathogen Risk Assessment Methodology for Municipal Sewage Sludge Landfilling and Surface Disposal
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This software was developed for assessing the risk to humans of pathogens from disposal of treated municipal sewage sludge. The purpose of the (sludge-only landfill or surface disposal), SLDGFILL model is to determine the probability of infection of a human receptor from pathogens in a sludge-only landfill (monofill) or in a surface disposal site. 1996.

Pathogen Risk Assessment Model for Land Application of Municipal Sewage Sludge (LANDAPP)
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This model evaluates the potential risk to humans from exposure to pathogenic microorganisms following land application of municipal sewage sludge. 1996.

PEMAC Health and Safety
By PMI Software Ltd. The Health and Safety modules of PEMAC maintenance software include Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Training and Skill Management, Contractor Management, and Accident Reporting.

PEMAC Risk Assessment
By PMI Software Ltd. PEMAC Risk Assessment module allows you to create risk assessments, identify hazards and implement control measures to mitigate risk. Valuable risk assessments information can be shared information across your company through a simple Web based interface along with email notification prompting renewal of your risk assessments.

By Dyadem International Ltd. PHA-Pro(r) Process Hazards Analysis tool helps process and allied industries to consistently document HAZOP, HACCP, What If, Checklist, SIL, LOPA, SVA, PHA, PrHA, Job Task Analysis, and many other risk studies. The software helps carry out risk analysis and Process Safety Management (PSM). PHA-Pro employs intuitive GUIs, preformatted industry standard PHA templates, comprehensive libraries, and thorough checklists.

By Det Norske Veritas (DNV). PHAST (Process Hazard Analysis Software Tool) examines the progress of a chemical process incident from initial release through formation of a cloud or pool to final dispersion - calculating concentration, fire radiation, toxicity, and explosion overpressure.

By Primatech. PHAWorks is Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) software. Use a variety of PHA techniques (Checklist, What-if, What-if Checklist, FMEA, HAZOP, PrHA, RMP Hazard/Standards Review), revalidate projects, create custom reports, insert links, use navigation controls, employ multiple worksheet/format views, print reports to electronic HTML files, draw on technical tools, plus much more.

ProcessMAP Audits and Assessments Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include: Corporate Audit Management, Self Assessment, Government / Third Party Assessment, Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment, and Facility Inspections.

ProcessMAP Occupational Health Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include: Industrial Hygiene Management and Medical Surveillance.

ProcessMAP Safety Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include: Work Related Injuries / Illnesses Incident Management, Property & Collision Incidents Management, MSDS Management & Chemical Approval, Job Hazard Assessment, Behavior Based Safety (BBS), and Training Records Management.

Qudos Risk Assessor
By Qudos Management Pty. Ltd. Risk Assessor will help you to identify hazards, assess their likelihood and consequence, plan control measures and prioritise the use of resources. It will help you to introduce a risk-based, decision making process into the management of your organisation. May be used for any type of risk assessment - Occupational Health and Safety, ISO22000 / HACCP Food safety, Finance, ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environmental Management, Information Security, Loss Prevention, Physical Security etc.

RAID Human Factors Analysis Software
By Decision Systems, Inc. (DSI). RAID™ is a straightforward approach for conducting a Human Factors Analysis on unwanted workplace behaviors. Understanding how the organization can control unwanted behaviors is a vital capability for any ES&H or Quality professional. RAID™ provides the Human Factors professional with step-by-step guidance to explore the reasons for unwanted behavior.

RAMAS Risk Imaging
By Applied Biomathematics. RAMAS Risk Imaging requires data regarding the frequency and the adversity of each harm due to a hazard. This data may come from various sources, including controlled trials, surveys, and expert opinions and judgments. Each of these sources results in an uncertain estimate of the true frequency and/or adversity of the harms that comprise a hazard. RAMAS Risk Imaging uses both the uncertain estimates and the uncertainty associated with them to generate an image of risk.

RBCA Tool Kit for Atlantic Canada
By GSI Environmental Inc. (formerly Groundwater Services, Inc.). Groundwater Services, Inc. offers a software tool for implementation of Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) evaluations in accordance with the procedures recommended for the Atlantic Providences of Canada. Conducts Tier 1 and 2 RBCA evaluations based on site-specific data inputs per relevant guidance.

RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases
By GSI Environmental Inc. (formerly Groundwater Services, Inc.). The RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases is designed to meet the requirements of the ASTM Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action (E-2081). This software is a comprehensive modeling and risk characterization package for Tier 1 and 2 RBCA evaluations for chemical release sites. The RBCA Tool Kit combines contaminant transport models and risk assessment tools to calculate baseline risk levels and derive risk-based cleanup standards for a full array of soil, groundwater, surface water, and air exposure pathways.

RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP
By GSI Environmental Inc. (formerly Groundwater Services, Inc.). The RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP is a state specific customization of GSI's RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases software. It is designed to complete the calculations required for Tiers 1 and 2 of the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP). The RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP utilizes Texas-specific default parameters, modeling options, and chemical data consistent with the TRRP rule (30 TAC Chapter 350) and related TNRCC guidance.

By Decision Systems, Inc. (DSI). REASON is a Root Cause Analysis system designed for Quality, Safety, and Operations professionals.

Rincon (formerly BAPPTrack)
By Behavioral Science Technology, Inc. (BST). Software designed specifically to support behavior-based safety implementations. It tracks user-defined safe and at-risk behavior and observer comments for both behavioral observations and incidents. Analyzes the data by user-defined variables. Extensive charting and reporting facility.

By Spence Environmental Engineering. RISC (Risk-Integrated Software for Clean-ups) is a software for evaluating human health risk and determining clean-up levels at contaminated sites.

By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). RISKMAN performs quantitative risk analyses. It has been used to perform large and comprehensive probabilistic safety assessments for aerospace, nuclear power, and chemical process industries.

By Dyadem International Ltd. RiskSafe(tm) is a flexible software solution that helps to improve workplace health and safety by identifying potentially hazardous practices through various qualitative workplace risk assessment methodologies including Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Confined Space Analysis (CSA), and other qualitative workplace risk assessments for specific tasks or activities. RiskSafe's multi-functional capabilities assist with business case analysis, budget planning, investigations, business process analysis, documentation, and to define PPE requirements.

RootCause LEADER
By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). Quickly identify the root causes of any type of incident, event, accident, near miss, reliability problem, quality impact or business loss. Investigate and track any type of incident, event or mishap.

By Rivo Software. Safeguard is Rivo’s web-based modular platform. Modules include Incident Reporting, OSHA reporting, Global Legislative Reporting capabilities, Claims, Audits/Inspections, Risk Assessment, JSA, Hazards, Chemical Control, Training, Action Tracking, Permit Management, Contractors, Environment, Non-Conformance, BBS, Objectives, Real-Time Reporting, Notifications and GRI, all with multiple language support to help improve user-adoption.

By Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Safeti (Software for the Assessment of Flammable, Explosive and Toxic Impact) is a quantitative tool available for assessing process plant risks. It is designed to perform all the analytical, data processing and results presentation elements of a QRA within a structured framework. SAFETI analyses complex consequences from accident scenarios, taking account of local population and weather conditions, to quantify the risks associated with the release of hazardous chemicals. The Safeti Hazard Analysis Package combines the capabilities of PHA-Pro®, the leading HAZOP and PHA software, with those of Phast, the industry standard consequence and risk analysis application.

By ADE Incorporated. The SALCE (Substance Abuse/Life Circumstances Evaluation) software is a 98-item survey, based on adult norms, addressing: alcohol/drug use based on DSM-IV and ASAM guidelines, and attitude and life stress. Assesses a range of substance use, from no problem to a very severe problem.

Sample Safety Plans
By Aspen Publishers, Inc. Numerous Sample Safety Plans are available online. They provide an authoritative template for you to create guidelines specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. The sample plans help you to identify and evaluate hazards and establish safety procedures to keep your employees safe and help you to avoid liability when safety breaches occur.

Scientific Materials Questionnaire
By SIVCO Inc. Online application designed to allow Environmental Health & Safety personnel to quickly assess detailed scientific material inventory according to researcher, research protocol, laboratory, risk level, location, etc., in compliance with governmental regulations and mandates.

SiteHawk Global
By SiteHawk (Industrial Data Systems, Inc.). SiteHawk Global is the MSDS and regulatory management of SiteHawk Professional applied globally. With SiteHawk Global you get interactive regulatory management tools like international regulatory list management and cross-references; local language interfaces, labels and chemical summaries; and hazard assessment tools.

Stature for Operational Risk Management (formerly SmartMOC)
By Dyadem International Ltd. Stature of Operational Risk Management (ORM) is a Web-based enterprise risk management platform that links disconnected risk management processes across the organization. By helping companies identify risk factors and improve HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) compliance and speed introductions, Stature ORM enables companies to mitigate risk and increase their operational effectiveness. Includes Management of Change (MOC), Risk Assessment (HAZOP, What If/Checklist, SVA, JSA), Incident Management, Global Risk Registry, Analytics, and Lifecycle Process Management for Continuous Improvement.

By Organizational Performance Dimensions. StressScan is an adaptation of the Stress Profile published by Western Psychological Services, provides targeted information about specific lifestyle and health behaviors that might be contributing to stress-related illnesses for particular individuals.

Substances Hazardous to Health and Croner Software
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). The CD-ROM contains a database of over 2000 commonly used chemical substances, plus Croner Software Chemical Management. Store substance information together with inventory and supplier details, plus work step-by-step through COSHH assessments, storing completed assessments to develop your own permanent record.

By Dyadem International Ltd. SVA-Pro(tm) is a comprehensive and innovative software tool that utilizes the CCPS methodology for conducting Security Vulnerability Analysis. It enables chemical facilities to improve their security systems through detailed Security Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) studies. SVA-Pro enables chemical companies to performing thorough security vulnerability studies, identifying vulnerability risks, produce and track recommendations, and share the information with the key stakeholders.

Synergi Risk Management
By Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The Synergi® Risk Management Module is designed to reflect the RM process on various levels of the organisation. A number of practical tools and methods are in place to support the identification process, as they will depend on scope, objective and the entity to assess. Risk assessment methods range from organisation-wide Enterprise Risk Assessments (ERA) to HAZOP and Preliminary Hazard analyses (PHA), addressing potential hazards for a process or project, to more detailed FMEA studies addressing systems and equipment.

By System Improvements, Inc. Used to report incidents, analyze root causes, develop corrective actions, write and approve reports, track fixes, validate the effectiveness of the fixes, and trend performance in a secure, password protected environment. The TapRooT Software was built to meet the needs of investigators interested in improving performance. For accidents, incidents, environmental releases and more.

THESIS (The Health, Environment & Safety Information System)
By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). THESIS is a relational database tool designed to support the analysis and management of major risks. The software provides a structure to assist the risk management process of: identify, assess, control, and recover. It ensures that controls are linked to the organisation's business and to individual responsibilities. The THESIS model has the flexibility to be applied to any aspect of business which faces major risks.

TOMES System
By Thomson Reuters MICROMEDEX. The TOMES® System provides the critical medical and hazard data needed for immediate, effective response to exposure and accidents in chemical handling. Designed to help reduce the risk of exposure and injury, the TOMES System provides: treatment guidelines for acute chemical exposures, evacuation procedures, and chemical disposal information. General areas unrelated to chemicals are addressed such as ergonomics and human health risk assessment. The System's three databases - MEDITEXT®, HAZARDTEXT®, and INFOTEXT® - are integrated to ensure quick access to the fully reviewed, referenced information.

TRACE (Toxic Release Analysis of Chemical Emissions)
By SAFER Systems, LLC. This is an engineering analysis tool used for chemical risk management. You can evaluate the hazards associated with exposures to toxic chemicals, thermal radiation from fires, and blast overpressure from explosions. TRACE also allows you to assess the number of people impacted and evaluate the effectiveness of protection strategies like shelter-in-place or evacuation.

By Trinity Consultants, Inc. BREEZE VExDAM can be used as a damage / injury assessment tool to determine the amount of blast damage / injury done to individual structures / persons in a certain geographical area due to a vapor cloud explosion. This type of information would be helpful in determining the potential for destruction / injury at an industrial facility where significant amounts of combustible hydrocarbons are manufactured, handled, and / or stored.

Wellness Checkpoint
By Infotech Inc. Wellness Checkpoint® is a suite of online interactive content, software, tools and resources that integrate health risk assessment and lifestyle change management within the context of organizational and occupational health. Wellness Checkpoint® Health Risk Assessment provides employees with a private and confidential opportunity to review lifestyles, personal health and family health history in a manner that is motivational, informative and fun. Wellness Checkpoint Lifestyle Change modules build on risk and lifestyle profile to support personal goals for positive lifestyle change. Wellness Checkpoint Data Banker provides an organizational view. Reports show group profiles of risk and identify opportunities for intervention and savings.

By Automated Workplace Safety, Inc. Point and click creation of Job Safety Analysis (JSA). Includes pull-down lists of typical hazards and controls. Databases of hazards and controls are user-definable and may be easily modified "on the fly" during JSA development.

By Automated Workplace Safety, Inc. Point and click creation of Risk Assessment Files (RAF). Pull-down lists include typical hazards and controls. Databases of hazards and controls are user-definable and may be easily modified "on the fly" during RAF development.

What If...?
By Compliance Technologies, Inc. (CTI). What If...? is a software tool that allows you to perform, manage, and report your process hazard analysis (PHA). What If...? serves as a template for PHAs. Quickly analyze hazards, evaluate the frequency and consequence of an event, and document the recommendations. The program also contains a risk assignment matrix so that each What If...? can be "graded" or "ranked" with the degree of acceptable risk.

Workplace Activity Safety Protection Sheets (WASPS)
By Environmental Science Ltd. WASPS Software provides on a single page "WASP" Sheet, a highly visual presentations of the degree of harm which hazardous chemicals can cause, the risk of fire or explosion, and the degree of risk to the environment. The program also offers the facility to use the WASPS sheets to carry out straightforward COSHH assessments based on the Health & Safety Executive’s COSHH Essentials techniques.

For a directory of free Hazard Inventory and Hazard Analysis Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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