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ADAM Asbestos Management Software
By EcoLogic Systems. The ADAM Environmental Information Management System stores and provides easy access to environmental, asbestos, lead-based paint, and indoor air quality data, samples and documents.

ADAM Indoor Air Quality Software
By EcoLogic Systems. Designed to help building owners and managers store records documenting Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) conditions.

ADAM Lead-based Paint Management Software
By EcoLogic Systems. The ADAM Lead-based Paint Management Software was developed for property owners, school districts, colleges and housing authorities to help them manage their lead-based paint information and meet their OSHA and EPA requirements for lead sample results, assessments and abatement project information.

ARCHIBUS Clean Building Module
By ARCHIBUS, Inc. The ARCHIBUS Clean Building module focuses on the management of asbestos, lead-based paint, industrial hygiene (indoor air quality) and other hazardous materials. As with other ARCHIBUS modules, information is associated with locations, drilling down to building, floor, room and equipment level of detail. For each material, you define your material type(s) and associated locations. You then can add information for material samples, locations, results and documentation.

AutoTrak Data Management
By OCCU-TEC. A series of custom database programs designed to assist clients in evaluating their risk and improve their safety and environmental processes. Helps manage data on asbestos, lead, indoor air quality/mold, PPE, confined spaces, machine guarding, ergonomics hazards, employee training, and environmental site assessments.

CTS Industrial Hygiene Sampling Database Software
By Open Range Software. The CTS Industrial Hygiene Sampling Software enables you to track a multitude of personal and area sampling types, including air, noise, bulk, smear, water, biological, light, direct reading instruments, and more. Once samples have been entered into the system, reporting and analysis tools enable you to trend and analyze your data in a multitude of ways, including the agent monitored, the person sampled, the location where the sample was taken, a date range, and much, much more. The product includes a wide array of pre-defined reports, and you can also export your data for analysis with Microsoft Excel or other third-party tools.

By eHandS. eHandS health and safety software allows you to manage your health and safety obligations across multiple sites and provides the flexibility to accommodate the specific hazards of your industry. Functions include incident reports, accident investigation, COSHH assessment, risk assessment, safety inspection, training records management, asbestos register, and more.

EPOCH Health and Safety Modules
By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. These modules of EPOCH environmental data management software include Industrial Hygiene, Event Tracking, and MSDS.

Ex3 Industrial Hygiene Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Industrial Hygiene Management Module provides for cross-site, cross-facility, and cross-department statistical analysis reporting from both qualitative and quantitative assessments. Specific reporting such as Chain of Custody and Employee Notification are available. Air-borne, noise, laser, and radiation assessments can be easily managed using this module.

Exposure Version 2
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Exposure, Version 2 is a model for calculating individual exposure to indoor air pollutants from indoor sources. The model is designed to calculate exposure due to individual, as opposed to population, activity patterns, and source use. The model uses data on source emission, room-to-room air flows, air exchange, with the outdoors, and indoor sinks to predict concentration-time profiles for all rooms. 1991.

FacTS Medical Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. FacTS Medical Tracking module was designed to comply with a number of regulatory programs including, but not limited to Respiratory Fit Test Exams, Hazardous Materials, Asbestos, Audiometric, and OSHA Injury-Illness activities.

By Apex Companies, LLC (formerly Apex Environmental, Inc.). HAZcad, a Windows-compatible application, manages environmental information about multiple parameters for buildings located at multiple sites. HAZcad is presently being used by the U.S. Department of State to manage hazardous materials in thousands of buildings in over 100 foreign countries. HAZcad modules are presently available for lead in paint, lead in water, asbestos, underground/above ground storage tanks, brownfields, facility management and radiation. Information available from developer upon request.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Model for Windows - RISK
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). A 1995 computer model, called RISK, for calculating individual exposure to indoor air pollutants from sources is presented. The model is designed to calculate exposure due to individual, as opposed to population, activity patterns and source use. The model also provides the capability to calculate risk due to the calculated exposure.

Indoor Air Quality Simulator for Personal Computers
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). IAQPC gives concentration profiles of up to 6 pollutants for up to 62 days in up to 20 rooms. The model includes the effects of building layout, sources, sinks, and the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system on pollutant concentration. The calculated results can be displayed as graphs on the screen.

Industrial Hygiene Reporting
By Redshift Technologies, Inc. Tracks and relates medical records and exposure samples to identify trends and measure results of directives.

IStar Asbestos Management System
By Thomson Ltd. The iStar Asbestos Management system helps dutyholders, facility managers and health & safety officers comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations CAR 2012 and other HSE guidelines. The PC-based software solution provides an on-screen risk register of all infrastructure containing asbestos across your site(s). Items are logged with photos and site-plans, giving FMs, contractors and operatives a clear, up-to-date picture of all locations containing asbestos and their status. Users can search iStar Asbestos Management by text, maps, floor plans or site-grids.

KMI Industrial Hygiene Module
By VelocityEHS (formerly Knowledge Management Innovations (KMI)). Manage IH more efficiently while controlling programs over the entire enterprise. Program managers can create their own sampling profiles, schedules and notification limits.

Locus Asset Management (formerly eAsset)
By Locus Technologies. The Asset Management module allows you to not only track all your important site equipment, but also their regulatory or in-house requirements. For example, there may be required maintenance, inspections, and monitoring to perform, ageing equipment to replace, and permits to renew. With the Asset Management module, you can track all this information in one place and even receive email notifications regarding their required tasks.

By BEM Systems, Inc. MatTrak assists users in collecting, tracking, analyzing and reporting on solid, liquid and gaseous materials movement and related costs, including waste management, chemical inventory tracking, asbestos/lead-based paint management, O&M, and contaminated soil/sediment tracking. MatTrak's embedded GIS module allows you to map out material movement data in relation to property boundaries and containment data (if any).

Medgate Industrial Hygiene Suite
By Cority (formerly Medgate Inc.). This module of the Medgate Health and Safety Suite manages air and noise monitoring data and carries out statistical calculations on sampling results. Enables occupational health and safety professionals to analyze hazards and recommend controls by job position. Provides the ability to inventory chemicals, store material safety data sheets and track chemical usage.

Pocket ESA
By GAEA Technologies Ltd. Pocket ESA is a method for collecting and reporting Phase I and II ESA data, Transaction Screening, Asbestos Surveys, Radon Sampling, Lead Sampling, etc. The data can be collected either on a Pocket, Tabloid, Laptop, or Desktop PC. Pocket ESA has been designed to minimize the amount of time required to generate standard Environmental Site Assessment reports and to maximize the flexibility of the final report.

ProcessMAP Occupational Health Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include: Industrial Hygiene Management and Medical Surveillance.

By EssentialSkillz. RiskWise is a web-based property management tool, specifically designed to manage the health, safety and other risk related issues of commercial buildings. Risk information relating to a commercial property portfolio, gathered during routine assessments is stored within the system. RiskWise then automatically monitors and escalates any outstanding actions to the relevant stakeholders, helping to ensure every building is compliant from a Health & Safety perspective, ultimately mitigating corporate liability.

SHE-MIS (Safety, Health & Environmental Management Information System)
By Spiramid, LLC. The SHE-MIS EH&S application supports over 40 languages. The application has been in use since 1996 and is currently used in over 40 countries. The system employs a 100% thin client web-based technology that makes PDA and PC Tablet use an effective alternate for the entry of data in the field or at a plant. The system is comprised of eight modules: Core, Incident Management, Training, Audits/Assessments, Industrial Hygiene, Medical, Substance Abuse, and Disability Management. While each module can be used independently, they are fully integrated and use common services (Business Organizations, Person Table, Security, regulations, etc.). Web site works best in Internet Explorer.

By ACMS UK (formerly Xaracon Ltd). A system that allows simple access to asbestos information and detail either on-site or on-line.

For a directory of free Healthy Buildings Resources, check out EHSfreeware.

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