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By Accuvio/Manage CO2 Software. Software for sustainability and energy reporting, including Mandatory Carbon Reporting, SASB, DJSI, FTSE 4 Good, CRC, Carbon Disclosure Project, GRI, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme(ESOS), EU-ETS, and EU Wide Energy Efficiency Directive Article 8.

ARCHIBUS Green Building Module
By ARCHIBUS, Inc. Track capital costs, cost savings (ROI) and overall costs related to each project, or in aggregate. Integrate the application with energy management solutions to take your sustainability program into measuring the total building life cycle including operation and maintenance.

Autodesk® Ecotect® Analysis
By Autodesk, Inc. Autodesk® Ecotect® Analysis green building software is a comprehensive sustainable analysis tool that delivers a wide range of simulation and analysis functionality through desktop and web-service* platforms. Web-based whole-building energy, water, and carbon analysis capabilities converge with desktop tools to conduct detailed environmental simulations and visualize results.

Autodesk® Green Building Studio®
By Autodesk, Inc. The Autodesk® Green Building Studio® web-based energy analysis service can help architects and designers perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process.

Biofuels Abstracts
By CAB International (CABI). Biofuels Abstracts is a fully searchable abstracts database of internationally published research. Derived from CAB Abstracts, Biofuels Abstracts provides you with the latest information on biofuels and bioenergy, including production of energy crops, energy forestry, short-rotation coppice, processing of crops and agricultural wastes into biodiesel or fuel ethanol, utilization of fuelwood, and all CAB Abstracts records relating to key biofuel species such as Jatropha.

Building Energy Analysis Console (Beacon)
By ICF International. Beacon™ is an energy simulation tool based on the DOE-2 computer software model for estimating building energy performance. Beacon is capable of modeling a wide range of residential and commercial building types to determine the impact of occupant behavior, building characteristics, or external influences such as weather conditions and utility costs. The tool is capable of modeling individual buildings as well as conducting parametric analyses.

C3 Energy and Emissions Management Solution
By C3. Helps monitor, mitigate, and monetize energy usage and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to increase profitability.

CA ecoSoftware
By CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates). Solutions to help you reduce energy use, cut costs, manage carbon and become more sustainable. Includes CA ecoMeter and CA ecoGovernance.

Carbon Estates
By CADmeleon UK Ltd. Carbon Estates is an online energy benchmarking system for the built environment that allows users to make financial savings, carbon reductions and comply with CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

By Green Oak Solutions. Carboncheck provides a critical assessment of your organisation’s current standing on Carbon Management detailing the overall performance of your organisation against various aspects including Management System, Legislative Compliance, Utilities Management and IT Capability. The questionnaire provides detailed scoring and overall conclusions for each area as well as an action plan or road map that will address specific areas that require improvement. It will also highlight areas where there is a potential for savings in cost and emissions. Modules are available for Utilities, Business Travel, Fleet, and Waste Management.

By EnerNOC, Inc. EnerNOC's CarbonTrak® software is an enterprise-class Carbon Accounting system to measure, manage, and report Greenhouse Gas Emissions and prioritize GHG reduction efforts. Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

CSRware Sustainability Resource Management Platform
By CSRware Inc. CSRware's subscription-based solutions are specifically designed to help you manage your conservation, efficiency and sustainability initiatives. Modules include the Energy & Sustainability Management (ESM) Module and the Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC) Module.

By ifu Hamburg GmbH. Software for visualization of material, energy and cost flows with so-called Sankey diagrams. Sankey diagrams, flow diagrams in which the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity, are commonly used in the energy and chemical industries.

By e-Bench. e-Bench™ is an Internet based computer tool for measuring energy and environmental efficiency. Energy and CO2 is measured per facility or process and compared to benchmarks established from other facilities or processes around the country. In addition to benchmarking e-Bench™ can provide invoice reconciliation, targeting and monitoring, and also simulation.

By SOLUTIONS Software Corporation. Developed for companies that hold oil or gas permits and operators of oil or gas utilities and refineries, e-Energy simplifies the compliance process. All the essential sections from the Code of Federal Regulations, including industry-specific regulatory information regarding NRC, Oil Pollution, shipping crude oil, runoff and discharged waters, ocean dumping, effluent guidelines and standards and Community Right-to-Know Programs.

By Pace Global Energy Services, LLC. ECM Hub places important energy, carbon and sustainability data in your hands. The ECM Hub Base Package includes the Energy Accounting System (Energy Zone®), WRI GHG Accounting Protocols, GHG/Sustainability Tracking System (ecolink®), and Energy Efficiency/Emission Reduction Evaluation & Management Tool.

By Pace Global Energy Services, LLC. ecolink® is an integrated carbon and energy data management platform for regulatory and voluntary needs. Cost savings are gained through reduced exposure to regulatory penalties and efficiency from centralization of core carbon, energy, and sustainability metrics. Delivered through a web-based platform, the system creates a collaborative environment with sustainability project management tools, managerial capabilities, and transparent reporting designed to enhance brand image and promote effective communication with stakeholders.

By Ecospeed AG. ECORegion is an online software that calculates and projects energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions on a regional scale. The tool calculates sectoral consumptions of households, economy and transportation.

EIS Server Software Suite
By eComponents Technology. EIS Server Software Suite™ is an enterprise grade energy management software package that is designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities, and is particularly well suited for enterprises with multiple locations or multiple facilities. Organizations in more than 50 countries around the world currently use EIS Server Software Suite™ to reduce their energy consumption, cost, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Data Management Tool
By Johnson Controls Inc. These tools allow you to collect the data you need to report your energy use and carbon emissions, plus they provide the road map to help you reduce your energy use and carbon footprint. Five modules cover all aspects of your energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint: Utility, Greenhouse Gas, Energy Projects, Facility Equipment, and Environmental.

Energy Asset Decision Support System (EADSS)
By ICF International. A network-based model that can represent multiple asset types (e.g., gas and power together) along with detailed market and operational rules in a stochastic modeling framework that considers uncertainties in its optimization process. The model contains simulation and optimization modules in an integrated framework.

Environmental Performance Management Solution (EPMS)
By Verisae, Inc. EPMS is not only concerned with supply chain resource or carbon emissions management. It also addresses the wider issues of sustainable planning and design, waste reduction and water management. The Solution includes Carbon Emissions Manager, Sustainability Project Manager, Site Compliance Manager, Water Manager, Waste Manager, and Refrigerant Gas Manager.

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Database
By ProQuest / Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA). This multidisciplinary database, provides coverage of the environmental sciences. Abstracts and citations are drawn from over 6000 serials, including scientific journals, conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books, and government publications. Areas of coverage include: agricultural biotechnology, air quality, aquatic pollution, bacteriology, ecology, energy resources, environmental biotechnology, environmental engineering, environmental impact statements (U.S.), hazardous waste, industrial hygiene, microbiology related to industrial & environmental issues, pollution (land, air, water, noise, solid waste, radioactive), risk assessment, safety science, toxicology & toxic emissions, water pollution, waste management, and water resource issues.

Environmental Sustainability Dashboard
By Microsoft Corporation. The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is a solution designed to help Microsoft Dynamics AX customers collect and assess data about their energy use and carbon footprint.

By SRA Environmental. EnviroSys is used for the automated collection and analysis of all kinds of environmental monitoring data (emissions, water, energy, NPI). Entirely web-enabled, EnviroSys manages large amounts of data across even the biggest organisations, eliminating the need for numerous spreadsheets and single-use databases. EnviroSys manages general data monitoring, and reporting to statutory authorities, whilst ensuring data integrity and accountability.

Envizi (formerly Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP))
By Envizi (formerly CarbonSystems Pty Ltd). Envizi, is a cloud-based software platform that provides the flexibility to collect and manage all your data types including energy, carbon emissions (Scope 1, 2, 3), environment (water, waste, pollutants), corporate responsibility and supply chain as well as key business metrics used for KPI reporting.

By FigBytes Inc. (formerly CarbonSolve Inc. and EnviroBYTES Inc.). Automates the planning, implementation, and performance tracking of sustainability initiatives. The FigBytes platform helps organizations transform their sustainability objectives – including carbon, water, waste, employee engagement, or supply chain related initiatives into measurable metrics and trackable processes.

Green Incentives Navigator Library
By Bloomberg BNA / Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Guidance on what is needed to research, stay up-to-date, and communicate on federal and state tax (and non-tax) incentives that encourage the development and use of renewable energy and promoting conservation.

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability (TREES)
By IBM. IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability (TREES™) delivers the software capabilities required to achieve sustainable environmental strategies. TREES embedded assessment tools inventory and measure environmental impacts of buildings. TREES integrated analysis tools evaluate environmental opportunities for the greatest financial and environmental return. TREES pre-defined processes and practices reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

By Antea Group (formerly Delta Consultants). iEHS™ is the next generation of web-based environmental, health, safety and sustainability information management systems. After 10 years of daily use of its predecessor, IntelligentEHS®, by hundreds of EHS professionals, iEHS takes advantage of new web technologies to provide maximum flexibility in EHS and sustainability management. iEHS was designed to meet today's EHS business requirements while also providing clients with the ability to address rapidly developing strategic issues: global climate change, energy management, water use, public and stakeholder transparency and sustainability. The core modules include Metrics & Measures; Audits; Due Diligence; Risk Assessment; Training Center; Incident Management; Air, Water and Waste Management; Chemical Inventory; Industrial Hygiene; Contractor Management; and Hazardous Energy Control.

Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition
By Infor. Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition has been created to address the challenges faced by all commercial and industrial (C&I) companies that need to factor energy consumption into their asset management strategy. It factors resource consumption into total asset performance, providing a more complete understanding of the true costs to operate and maintain an asset. The software goes beyond just energy management, factoring in assets that consume any of the WAGES commodities (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam), as well as monitoring of fugitive emissions, such as ozone-depleting refrigerant gases.

Integrated Planning Model (IPM)
By ICF International. IPM provides integration of wholesale power, system reliability, environmental constraints, fuel choice, transmission, capacity expansion, and other key operational elements of generators on the power grid in a linear optimization framework. The model utilizes a Windows™-based database platform and interface that captures a detailed representation of every electric boiler and generator in the power market being modeled.

Intelex Air Emissions Management Module
By Intelex Technologies Inc. In addition to tracking, calculating, and reporting emission factors from multiple point sources, the Intelex Air Emissions Management Module includes a reporting suite that enables users to more easily and effectively translate data into emission reduction plans, tangible energy savings and overall improved business performance. The Intelex OpenPass API can be used to feed data between a client's Intelex Air Management Module and a pre-existing enterprise management application.

iReuse Tracking and Reporting Tool
By iReuse LLC. The iReuse Tracking and Reporting Tool helps with operational efficiency by tracking information about your energy, waste, water, and procurement performance.

Locus Asset Management (formerly eAsset)
By Locus Technologies. The Asset Management module allows you to not only track all your important site equipment, but also their regulatory or in-house requirements. For example, there may be required maintenance, inspections, and monitoring to perform, ageing equipment to replace, and permits to renew. With the Asset Management module, you can track all this information in one place and even receive email notifications regarding their required tasks.

By Setu Net Pvt Ltd. mySetu suites and systems comprise of more than 50 modules across the EHS&S domain, including Performance Management, 3A (Aware, Acquire, and Assess) Knowledge Solutions, Incident Management, Industrial Safety Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Management, Sustainability Management, Crisis Management and Security Works.

By NeuCo, Inc. (formerly Pegasus Technologies). NeuCo's optimizers and advisors help power generators achieve their emissions, efficiency, capacity, reliability and commercial availability goals.

By Natural Logic, Inc. RetrofitOptimizer generates “what-if” forecasting scenarios that help building owners and operators optimize building energy performance, by analyzing the actions, costs, impacts, savings and ROI of implementing multiple strategies for a range of energy efficiency projects.

By Hatch Ltd (formerly Synexus Global). A simulation system used by hydro specialists to streamline the planning and scheduling of their hydro-electric operations, manage reservoirs, operate power plants as well as the transmission grid. SimSys encapsulates the client's mathematical models into activities, provides a single user interface with a central relational database as well as a study mode environment.

Sustainability Navigator
By Johnson Controls Inc. A game-board based sustainability planning tool to accelerate and simplify the process of getting started. This tool allows cross-functional teams to quickly identify and prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability strategies in a fun, interactive and objective manner. Once you have your priorities and a plan to get started, you can develop and document your sustainability strategy.

The Impact Estimator for Buildings (formerly Environmental Impact Estimator)
By Athena Institute. Lets you assess the environmental implications of industrial, institutional, office, and both multi-unit and single family residential designs. Where relevant, it also distinguishes between owner-occupied and rental facilities. The Estimator puts the environment on an equal footing with other more traditional design criteria at the conceptual design stage of a building project.

Vista DSS
By Hatch Ltd (formerly Synexus Global). Vista DSS assists hydropower operations staff and traders to achieve maximum value from generation assets through superior forecasting, planning, scheduling and dispatching. It helps improve water resource management, within the boundaries of multiple constraints; manage flood and drought risks; and demonstrates environmental compliance and accelerate re-licensing.

Windchill (formerly InSight Product Analytics)
By PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation). Windchill, PTC's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software enables companies to streamline product development processes and deliver superior physical goods and information products. The core of PTC's solution is built upon delivering a suite of capabilities to enable bill of material (BOM) analysis for environmental performance, cost, and reliability throughout the product lifecycle. Extending the environmental analytics capabilities of InSight, PTC acquired technology from Planet Metrics, Inc. This technology enables manufacturers and retailers to model, analyze and optimize carbon emissions and energy use throughout the entire value chain, from concept to end-of-life. The Planet Metrics software includes an exhaustive, normalized database of environmental profiles and combines both analytics and intuitive heat map displays that make it easy to identify high-impact "hot spots" in materials, packaging, supply chain, transportation, and disposal.

For a directory of free Energy Conservation Resources, check out EHSfreeware.

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