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Due Diligence Defender
By Environmental Risk Communications, Inc. (ERCI). Excel-based software tool to evaluate financial impacts of different environmental liability management strategies, especially on a portfolio of sites subject to acquisition or divestiture.

EDR Aerial Photo Decade Package
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). EDR's historical aerial photography provides digitally reproduced historical aerial photographs and includes one photo per decade for each area selected.

EDR AuditCheck Destination Report
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). The EDR AuditCheck Destination Report lists the treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) facilities to which a waste generator shipped waste. Information on wastes shipped and total quantities of wastes shipped to each TSD is included.

EDR AuditCheck Risk Sharing Report
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). The EDR AuditCheck Risk Sharing Report lists the top 100 waste generators that dispose of waste at a treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facility. Information reported on each waste generator includes wastes shipped and total quantities of wastes shipped to the facility.

EDR City Directory Abstract
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). The EDR City Directory Abstract, prepared by EDR research professionals located throughout the United States, provides detailed historical city directory information for a property and its surrounding area at five year intervals. Published for United States cities and towns since the 18th century, city directories identify the property name and use, i.e., gas stations, dry cleaners, etc.

EDR Historical Multi-Tenant Retail Facility Report
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). The EDR Multi-Tenant Retail Facility Report helps you meet the difficult challenge of identifying potential environmental issues at a shopping center by listing prior occupants, i.e., gas stations, dry cleaners, etc.

EDR Historical Topographic Maps
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). EDRís Historical Topographic Map Report includes a search of public and private color historical topographic map collections throughout the United States by EDRís professional research team.

EDR Radius Map Report
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). To meet government records requirements of the ASTM Standard and EPA's "All Appropriate Inquiries" (AAI) ruling, this map-based report identifies sites with real or potential environmental issues. Databases include federal, state, local, tribal, Activity and Use limitations, and more. Search parameters meet industry guidelines, and can even be tailored to client specifications. Features shown on maps include NPL site boundaries, coal gas sites, wetlands data, 100 and 500-year flood zones, waterways, and roadways.

EDR Sanborn Maps
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). EDR's collection of fire insurance maps date from 1866 and includes over 1.2 million Sanborn maps chronicling the history of approximately 12,000 American cities and towns.

EDR-AuditCheck Facility/Corporate Report
By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). The EDR-AuditCheck Facility/Corporate Report is a presentation of current government filings on a single facility. In addition, corporate liability and enforcement records are searched based on the corporate name, subsidiaries, affiliates and aliases.

Environmental Due Diligence Guide
By Bloomberg BNA / Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Minimize risks and protect yourself from liability in real estate and other business transactions with the all-in-one information service.

By BEM Systems, Inc. PAECETrakTM (Property Aquisition Environmental Cost Estimation) helps users manage property acquisition information including tax lot level data and tax lot groupings (parcels). Embedded GIS functionality allows data-centric map queries and views, including current property availability, zoning, acquisition costs, and more.

Pocket ESA
By GAEA Technologies Ltd. Pocket ESA is a method for collecting and reporting Phase I and II ESA data, Transaction Screening, Asbestos Surveys, Radon Sampling, Lead Sampling, etc. The data can be collected either on a Pocket, Tabloid, Laptop, or Desktop PC. Pocket ESA has been designed to minimize the amount of time required to generate standard Environmental Site Assessment reports and to maximize the flexibility of the final report.

Site Assessment
By MacNeill Software. Print field checklists, visit the site, gather records, and then assemble a report by selecting sections of text from pop-up picklists. These sections of text fall into place to produce a report that starts with an executive summary and produces an ASTM-compatible report with 20 to 30 pages of narrative that describe the subject site.

The RESource System
By GuideWire Consulting, LLC. Provides the tools for environmental inspectors to collect field data digitally during the Phase 1 environmental assessment and produce a comprehensive and standardized report. Uses the standardization of the real estate assessment industry brought about by lenders and ASTM. Includes RECon, REPort, and REView.

For a directory of free Software for Property Transfer Assessments, check out EHSfreeware.

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