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Digests of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
By ProQuest / Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA). EIS extracts the key issues from complex US government-released environmental impact statements, converting massive documents into concise, readable abstracts. Each entry includes a clear description of the project, sections on positive impact and negative consequences, and legal mandates.

By Simplicity Data Systems, Inc. ISO 14000 Management System with Enterprise and Internet access capability. EMS Net supports the implementation, management and operations of ISO 14000/Environmental Management Systems. EMS Net is organized into a series of Solution Sets designed to address specific analytical and decision making needs. Each Solution Set targets specific areas of concern related to environmental performance, business requirements, legal and regulatory compliance, stake-holder support and NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act - USA). EMS Net employs proven business principles in support of environmental performance. It is intended to support financial, budgetary and technical decisions with business, environmental and legal implications. EMS Net is customized to each clients programmatic requirements. This legacy system is now offered as part of the company's service portfolio.

Environmental Impact Statements: Full-Text and Digests
By ProQuest / Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA). CSA has produced EIS Digests since 1985 and as a result has indexed records and synopses of all the EIS full-text records included in this file. Currently, the full-text, including maps and SIS, is available for statements issued in and since 2003. By adding the full-text to these records, CSA has provided a single source where users can find the full-text of all EIS statements and be able to search using words from the full-text as well as unified and systematic indexing terms.

Environmental Knowledge and Assessment Tool (EKAT)
By CABEM Technologies. The Environmental Knowledge and Assessment Tool (EKAT) is a software tool used to identify, research, and evaluate environmental and pollution prevention options for products and systems. EKAT is designed and built by the team of M2 Technologies, Kansas State University, and CABEM Technologies as members of the National Environmental Evaluation and Remediation Consortium (NEER). EKAT is a suite of integrated modules designed to mitigate safety and environmental risks associated with material, product and system use. EKAT’s capabilities include: an environmental screening tool for regulatory requirements and potential issues of concern; estimating emissions from equipment or processes; an indoor air chemical concentration module; National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) evaluations; and Programmatic Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Evaluation (PESHE) reports required by the Department of Defense.

By Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR). NEPACheck® provides information which may be used to help determine whether a site will have the potential to cause environmental impact, as defined by NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act). The report includes five color maps; Natural Areas, Historic Places, Flood Plain, Wetlands, and FCC Antenna/Towers & AM Radio Towers.

For a directory of free National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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