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By Analytic & Computational Research, Inc. (ACRi). An integrated development environment for ANSWER and PORFLOW solver suits. It is more than just a "Graphical User Interface", as it incorporates the preprocessing, execution and postprocessing steps into one single platform.

By SoilVision Systems Ltd. ChemFlux™ is able to model fate and transport through the saturated and unsaturated zones. The process of advection, diffusion, adsorption and decay may be modeled.

By Starpoint Software Inc. Management of surface water, groundwater, soil, ash, sludge, bio-tissue, and air pollution monitoring data.

By Locus Technologies. EIM, Environmental Information Management, is a web-based system, that manages client mission-critical environmental data, from analytical results for air, water and soil to geologic and field data. It is designed for managing the large quantities of sampling, analytical, geological and geotechnical data for the investigation, cleanup, and long-term monitoring of environmental sites or emission sources.

By emLine, a ProjectLine Solutions Company. emLine is a suite of software solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of your EH&S operation. Features include data management, programs management, and compliance management. Manages data for water, soil, solid wastes, biological resources, atmospheric conditions, facility inspections, and geotechnical and hydrogeological instrumentation.

Environmental Visualization System (EVS)
By C Tech Development Corporation. Unites advanced gridding, geostatistical analysis, and fully three-dimensional visualization tools into a software system developed to address the needs of all earth science disciplines. The graphical user interface is integrated with modular analysis and graphics routines. The more advanced versions allow these modules to be customized and combined. The software can be used to analyze all types of analytes and geophysical data in any environment (e.g. soil, groundwater, surface water, air, etc.). Includes integrated geostatistics.

By EnvironmentalReports, Inc. EnvironmentalReports is an online document management system that allows you and your staff to setup projects where important environmental data can be input, organized, tracked, shared, managed, archived, and retrieved. The system allows project participants to log project activity as they go. The system helps track reports, contracts, specifications, bid documents, laboratory data, licensing & credentials, project submittals, and waste manifests.

EQuIS for ArcGIS
By EarthSoft, Inc. EQuIS for ArcGIS is an extension for the ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo desktop applications. With EQuIS for ArcGIS, users can query, report, and map the data that EQuIS manages, making it ideal for displaying and communicating project information.

EQuIS for ArcGIS Server
By EarthSoft, Inc. EQuIS for ArcGIS Server is a web application that combines the mapping functionality of ESRI’s ArcGIS Server (using the .NET Web ADF), with the environmental data management capability of EQuIS. By utilizing EQuIS EZView directly from the web application, non-GIS experts can easily query EQuIS data (using EZView Build and Pick Reports) and display that data on the map.

EQuIS Sample Planning Module
By EarthSoft, Inc. The Sample Planning Module (SPM) has been designed to make sample planning easier and to improve communication between labs and EQuIS 5 Professional clients. Using a clear, easy to understand workflow, it can create new tasks for future use, easily add contracts, methods, and labs, and also create Sample Analysis Plans that adhere to USEPA standards. The Sample Planning Module also incorporates a Completeness Report that allows clients to check the completeness of scheduled analyses.

EQWin Data Manager
By EQWin Software Inc. (formerly GemTeck Environmental Software Ltd.). EQWin Data Manager is a database application used to validate, store, analyze, and report on environmental data. Using either MS Access or SQL Server databases, EQWin manages many frequently monitored entities, including ground/surface water, soil, air, and meteorological data. EQWin is integrated with Microsoft Excel as its default import/reporting tool. This combination allows engineers to work in a familiar environment and delivers the "power of a database with the flexibility of a spreadsheet". GemTeck also offers software upgrades and technical support to those who subscribe to this program.

ESOH Environmental Sampling Module
By Northrop Grumman. Part of ESOH. Provides options to track all aspects of environmental sampling. Environmental sampling tracks the sample from the sample point through lab analysis. This menu is designed to track different types of samples including, waste water, potable water, ground water, soil, etc.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). FP is a computer program for determining retention function parameters from experimental data. It is a historic model based an early formulation of the general retention function, relating the saturation to the capillary pressure in distributed soils. This function describes the imbibition as well as four readily assessed parameters that either have physical significance themselves, or may be used to determine certain hydraulic properties of the soil.

By Endeeper. Hardledge is an knowledge system for management of petrographic information of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). ICE-1 is a research model for the analysis of coupled flow of water, heat and solute in unsaturated, partially frozen soils, including heave effects. The model is based on solving simultaneously equations representing the suction-water content relationship, the hydraulic conductivity function, equation of state for energy of the liquid phase, approximate time integral of Darcy's law, approximate time integral of the Fournier heat diffusion equation, and the mass balance of solutes.

IGWMC Freeware CD (discontinued)
By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). The CD includes the following freeware: 3DADE, CFITIM, CFITM, CHAIN, CHAIN_2D, CXTFIT, HYDRUS-1D, HYDRUS-2D / MESHGEN-2D (Demo Version), N3DADE, RETC, ROSETTA, STANMOD, SWMS-2D, SWMS-3D, UNSCHEM, UNSCHEM2, and UNSODA.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). INFIL is a numerical simulation model for solving the problem of ponded transient infiltration into a deep, homogeneous soil. The program is based on a four-term form of the Philip series solution (1957) of a one-dimensional form of the Richards equation.

Locus Automation (formerly eAutomation)
By Locus Technologies. Locus Automation leverages your existing control system to provide remote control, monitoring, and historical and real-time reporting through your browser. Automation interfaces with Locus through interactive portlets, serving as your organization's central compliance platform and remote control system. It allows you to automate field data collection, remotely operate treatment systems such as water treatment plants or water well extraction systems, or connect to a wireless sensor network for real-time access.

Locus Remediation Data Management (formerly eGeo)
By Locus Technologies. Enables users to manage, organize and track environmental geological and geotechnical data. Locus’ centralized, cloud-based solution helps manage various data streams produced during typical environmental remediation projects and subsequent operation and maintenance (O&M) of remediation treatment projects.

Multicomponent Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Air Emission Model
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This software estimates uncontrolled air emissions from soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems. These estimates may be used to assess potential air pathway risks or to determine the need for controls. 1996.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). ONESTEP is a program for estimation of up to five unknown parameters in the van Genuchten soil hydraulic property model. The program requires measurements of cumulative outflow with time during one-step outflow experiments. The outflow data can be optionally supplemented with measurements of equilibrium moisture contents and pressure heads. The program combines a nonlinear optimization routine with a Galerkin finite-element model for the one-dimensional flow equation.

Pathogen Risk Assessment Model for Land Application of Municipal Sewage Sludge (LANDAPP)
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This model evaluates the potential risk to humans from exposure to pathogenic microorganisms following land application of municipal sewage sludge. 1996.

By Endeeper. Petroledge is a knowledge system for management of reservoir petrographic information. It is software for capturing, codifying, storing, processing and sharing detailed petrographic descriptions of clastic and carbonate reservoir rocks, based on a high level geological ontology.

By Endeeper. PetroQuery access a centralized petrographic repository generated and controlled by Petroledge or Hardledge in order to support exploration and production decision makers.

By Analytic & Computational Research, Inc. (ACRi). PORFLOW is designed to solve problems involving transient or steady state fluid flow, heat, salinity, and mass transport in multi-phase, variably saturated, porous or fractured media with dynamic phase change. The porous/fractured media may be anisotropic and heterogeneous, arbitrary sources (injection or pumping wells) may be present and, chemical reactions or radioactive decay may take place. It accommodates alternate fluid and media property relations and complex and arbitrary boundary conditions. The geometry may be 2D or 3D, Cartesian or Cylindrical and the mesh may be structured or unstructured.

By M-Tech Software & Design. QuickSoil produces a soil analysis table that shows soil sample test results for a set of parameters. Each sample is placed at its correct depth and shaded according to the value of each parameter tested.

By RockWare Inc. Geological data management, analysis & visualization

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). SOHYP is an analytical model for calculation of the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity function. The basis of SOHYP is a relatively simple equation for the soil moisture content-pressure head curve. The particular form of the equation enables one to derive closed-form analytical expressions for the relative hydraulic conductivity, when substituted in the predictive conductivity models of Burdine (1953) or Mualem (1976). The resulting expressions for the hydraulic conductivity as function of the pressure head contain three independent parameters which may be obtained by fitting the described soil moisture retention model to experimental soil moisture retention data.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). SOIL estimates soil hydraulic properties using a nonlinear least-square analysis. Major input to the code includes pairs of measured water content and suction. The user can choose from the methods of Brooks and Corey (1964), Brutsaert (1966), Vauclin et al. (1979), and van Genuchten (1981) to estimate the soil-water characteristic function and the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.

Source Monitoring and Laboratory Analysis Database/Portal
By M3V Data Management, LLC. A tool to manage integrated multi-party information regarding sampling collection, site information, automatic upload of laboratory results and automatic report generation.

By GAEA Technologies Ltd. StrataExplorer is an application suite for subsurface mapping and data management system. The program can be used to map and evaluate minerals, hydrocarbons, soil and rock properties, and contaminants. The application is ideal for the environmental, geotechnical, mining, oil sands, and petroleum industries.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). SUMATRA-1 is a one-dimensional Hermitian finite element (HFE) model for simulation of simultaneous movement of water and a solute in a heterogeneous soil profile.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). SUMMERS is a screening level interactive computer program for estimating soil cleanup levels. The model assumes that a percentage of rainfall at a polluted site will infiltrate and desorb contaminants from the soil based on equilibrium soil-water partitioning. Using a mass balance approach and assuming equilibrated, complete mixing in the aquifer, the soil cleanup level is calculated from the original soil concentration, the concentration of the infiltrating water, and an equilibrium coefficient.

By SoilVision Systems Ltd. SVAirFlow™ is designed for use by geotechnical / geoenvironmental engineers, geological engineers, and soil scientists. It can be used to model soil vapor extraction and vapor infiltration in unsaturated soils.

By SoilVision Systems Ltd. SVFlux™ is designed to model seepage and groundwater in soils. It is a 1D, 2D and 3D finite-element program for engineering soil mechanics computations.

By SoilVision Systems Ltd. SVHeat™ is designed for use by geotechnical / geoenvironmental engineers, geological engineers, and soil scientists. The software is able to calculate geothermal gradients and the movement of freezing fronts in saturated and unsaturated soils.

SVOffice 2009
By SoilVision Systems Ltd. Finite element modeling geotechnical software suite. Includes SVFlux, SVHeat, ChemFlux, SVSlope, SVAirFlow, and SVSolid.

By SoilVision Systems Ltd. SVSolid™ is designed for solving the stress state and deformations in soils under various loading conditions. It is a 1D, 2D and 3D finite-element program for engineering soil mechanics computations. SVSolid simulates the behavior or soil or rock which may undergo elastic or plastic deformations. SVSolid may also be coupled with our graduated flow or slope stability software.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). SWACROP (Soil WAter and CROP production model) is a transient one-dimensional finite difference model for simulation of the unsaturated zone. It incorporates the process of water uptake by roots. The soil profile is divided into several layers (containing one or more compartments of variable thickness) having different physical properties. The partial differential equation for flow in the unsaturated system is solved using an implicit finite difference scheme.

UnSat Suite Plus
By Nova Metrix , LLC (formerly Schlumberger Water Services). The UnSat Suite Plus is a fully-integrated software package that combines the most popular and widely-used models for simulating one-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport in the unsaturated zone (includes SESOIL, VS2DT, VLEACH, PESTAN and the Visual HELP model). These models have all been compiled and optimized to run as native Windows applications and are seamlessly integrated within the UnSat Suite graphical modeling environment.

By Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. A FORTRAN computer code used to simulate the one-dimensional flow of water, vapor, and heat in soils. Recharge EstimationThe code addresses the processes of precipitation, evaporation, plant transpiration, storage, and deep drainage. The UNSAT-H computer code is used to understand the movement of water, heat, and vapor in soils so better decisions can be made about land use, waste disposal, and climate change.

By Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center (IGWMC) (formerly International Ground Water Modeling Center). VIRTUS (Viral Flow and Transport in the Unsaturated Zone) is a predictive finite difference model for virus fate and transport in unsaturated soil.

Waiora 2.0
By Groundswell Technologies, Inc. Groundswell Technologies' Waiora 2.0 platform provides web accessible software tools for monitoring, analyzing and protecting critical water, air and land resources. Industry solutions provide for remediation, long term monitoring and resource management.

By GAEA Technologies Ltd. WinFence can be used to graphically create detailed, full-color, cross-sections and fence diagrams quickly and easily. The program can be used to interpret and map soil and rock layers, contamination, fossils, minerals and hydrocarbons.

By GAEA Technologies Ltd. WinLoG can be used to quickly create, edit and print geotechnical, environmental, mining, and oil & gas borehole and well logs. The graphical windows interface displays the log as it is changed and shows exactly how the log will look when it is printed.

By GAEA Technologies Ltd. WinSieve can be used to enter, edit and print grain size analysis charts in several standard or custom formats.

Workspace FasTrak™
By Perillon Software, Inc. Define, collect, calculate, and track any type of data — energy, GHG emissions, waste, and more.

XMap Software
By DeLorme. XMap software provides detailed geo-data analysis tools that display your mission-critical data against a background of detailed maps, aerial imagery, or world-wide satellite imagery (all with 3-D options). XMap also offers easy-to-use GPS-centric navigation tools to route, track, or monitor your field technicians

For a directory of free Soil Investigation and Data Management Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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