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Arc Hydro Groundwater
By Aquaveo, LLC (formerly Environmental Modeling Systems, Inc.). Arc Hydro Groundwater (AHGW) Tools include Groundwater Analyst, MODFLOW Analyst, and Subsurface Analyst. Access and visualize your groundwater, time series, and geologic data within ArcGIS.

By Environmental Systems Research, Inc. (ESRI). An integrated collection of GIS software products for building a complete GIS for your organization.

By Environmental Systems Research, Inc. (ESRI). ArcIMS is the solution for delivering dynamic maps and GIS data and services via the Web. It provides a highly scalable framework for GIS Web publishing that meets the needs of corporate Intranets and demands of worldwide Internet access.

By Environmental Systems Research, Inc. (ESRI). ArcInfo includes all the functionality of ArcView and ArcEditor and adds advanced geoprocessing and data conversion capabilities. Professional GIS users use ArcInfo for all aspects of data building, modeling, analysis, and map display for screen and output. A complete GIS out of the box, ArcInfo provides all the functionality for creating and managing an intelligent GIS. This functionality is accessible via an easy-to-use interface that is customizable and extensible through models, scripting, and applications.

By Environmental Systems Research, Inc. (ESRI). ArcPad is software for mobile GIS and field mapping applications using handheld and mobile devices. ArcPad provides field-based personnel with the ability to capture, analyze, and display geographic information, without the use of costly and outdated paper map books.

By Environmental Systems Research, Inc. (ESRI). ArcView is full-featured GIS software for visualizing, analyzing, creating, and managing data with a geographic component.

Argus ONE
By Argus Holdings, Ltd. The Argus Open Numerical Environments (Argus ONE) is a family of general purpose graphical Pre- and Post-Processors for the numerical modeler. They represent an approach of combining GIS and numerical modeling for groundwater and surface-flow modelers.

BREEZE 3DAnalyst
By Trinity Consultants, Inc. BREEZE 3DAnalyst is a post-processor that enables you to analyze and visualize data in time series, contour plots, and 3D isosurface and plane views; and to visualize the intersection / union of multiple data sets. It is useful for analyzing meteorological, terrain, and concentration data. Animated movies can be created for display in presentations and it is compatible with Google Earth™ and Surfer®.

By CoHort Software. CoPlot helps create publication-quality scientific graphs, maps, and technical drawings. CoPlot lets you change various attributes of a graph or drawing object, so that you can get the drawing that you want. CoPlot has many features for scientists: numerous types of graphs and ways of representing data, different axis types, an easy way to get multiple graphs on one drawing, horizontal and vertical error bars, etc. CoPlot can save drawings as eps, gif, jpg, pdf, png, svg, wmf, etc. CoPlot can also be used to draw field maps, flow charts, apparatus diagrams, chemical structures, etc. CoPlot includes CoStat for data manipulation and statistics.

By Golden Software. Didger offers both tablet digitizing and on-screen digitizing. You can use Didger to convert paper maps, graphs, aerial photographs, or any other plotted information into a digital format. If you do not own a digitizing tablet, you can scan images directly into Didger and then digitize on screen. Didger can also import bitmap files and vector files for on screen digitizing. Didger has a full projection library, contains the ability to layer maps, has the ability to digitize in "stream mode," includes comprehensive editing tools, and has many import/export options.

Eagle Point Office Civil Design and Survey
By Eagle Point Software. The Eagle Point line of modules includes civil engineering, surveying, hydraulics and hydrology (including sewer design), landscape design, and presentation solutions.

Emissions View
By Lakes Environmental Software. Designed for facility to state-wide to nationwide coverage, this package features a spatial and temporal GIS-based platform that enables users to create and maintain a comprehensive emissions inventory of a variety of sources including point, area, and mobile.

By Enfos Inc. The ENFOS Software-as-a-Service solution provides clients with technology to manage data, documents, transactions, workflow, visualizations, and reports for the following core processes associated with Remediation and Asset Decommissioning: Site and AOC Management; Project and Program Management; Environmental Data Management; Sample Event Planning and Management; Financial Planning and Budgeting; Vendor Proposals; Purchases; Invoices; Cost Recovery; Audits; Regulated Asset Management; Permitting; and Activity and Calendar Management.

Enviro Spase
By Geotech Computer Systems, Inc. Enviro Spase displays data from Enviro Data or other sources on GIS maps. It runs within ESRI’s ArcGIS, and contains four Wizards to create different types of displays. The Callout Wizard draws data tables on the map. The Stiff Diagram Wizard draws water quality diagrams at station locations. The StickLog Wizard creates boring log displays showing concentration levels. The Graph Wizard displays time-sequence graphs of multiple constituents on up to two scales. With Enviro Spase you can easily and efficiently move your data onto your maps, providing the most useful information while maintaining a high level of quality.

EQuIS for ArcGIS
By EarthSoft, Inc. EQuIS for ArcGIS is an extension for the ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo desktop applications. With EQuIS for ArcGIS, users can query, report, and map the data that EQuIS manages, making it ideal for displaying and communicating project information.

By ERDAS, Inc. (formerly Leica Geosystems). ERDAS ER Mapper provides advanced image processing and compression capabilities widely used in a variety of industries including oil, gas and mineral exploration.

ERDAS Imagine
By ERDAS, Inc. (formerly Leica Geosystems). The ERDAS IMAGINE Suite of software is geospatial data authoring software. ERDAS IMAGINE performs advanced remote sensing analysis and spatial modeling to create new information. In addition, with ERDAS IMAGINE, you can visualize your results in 2D, 3D, movies, and on cartographic quality map compositions.

GeoDAta eXchange
By DHI-WASY GmbH. GeoDAta eXchange (Geographic Data Exchange) simplifies the task of importing spatial data such as shape files and coverages into a normalized geodatabase structure (SDE or Personal SDE).

Geolink GIS
By Geolink Technologies, Inc. Geolink GIS is a geographic information system that enables solving both common GIS tasks and specialized environmental and geological problems.

GeoMedia Suite
By Intergraph Corporation. GeoMedia provides a full suite of powerful analysis tools, including attribute and spatial query, buffer zones, spatial overlays, and thematics. With its data server technology, you can easily apply your analysis across multiple geospatial formats. And GeoMedia is uniquely suited to perform what-if analysis because it enables you to string together multiple operations in an analysis pipeline. Changing any of the data along the pipeline automatically updates the results.

Global Mapper
By Global Mapper Software LLC. Global Mapper is a viewer capable of displaying the most popular raster, elevation, and vector datasets. It also converts, edits, prints, tracks GPS, and allows you to utilize GIS functionality on your datasets. Global Mapper also includes the ability to directly access the entire TerraServer database of USGS satellite imagery and topographic maps free of charge and to view elevation data in true 3D with any loaded raster imagery and vector data draped on top of it.

Locus Remediation Data Management (formerly eGeo)
By Locus Technologies. Enables users to manage, organize and track environmental geological and geotechnical data. Locus’ centralized, cloud-based solution helps manage various data streams produced during typical environmental remediation projects and subsequent operation and maintenance (O&M) of remediation treatment projects.

By Golden Software. MapViewer allows you to quickly create custom thematic maps. With MapViewer you can define sales territories, outline marketing strategies, view demographic distributions, show ecological distribution, present epidemiological studies, produce geologic maps, teach cartography, or display any geographically distributed data. You can define your own territories either by tracing existing boundaries, drawing completely new boundaries, or importing boundaries from files. MapViewer includes mapping and drawing utilities, the ability to define your own defaults, and numerous export capabilities for moving your maps to other applications.

By DHI Water & Environment. MIKE BASIN integrates ArcGIS with water resource modeling. It is a tool for addressing multisectoral allocation and environmental issues in river basins. MIKE BASIN facilitates sustainable management of surface and groundwater resources and water quality.

By Innovyze (formerly MWH Soft). NetVIEW for H2OMAP SWMM is a geospatial information viewing, distribution, and management software that facilitates rapid deployment and analysis of GIS data and modeling results in Google Earth. NetVIEW for H2OMAP SWMM gives wastewater utilities fast access to mission-critical GIS and modeling information as well as extensive data reporting capabilities critical to supporting sewer systems management.

NetVIEW for H2OMAP Water
By Innovyze (formerly MWH Soft). NetVIEW for H2OMAP Water is a geospatial information viewing, distribution, and management software that facilitates rapid deployment and analysis of GIS data and modeling results in Google Earth. Built using Component and XML technologies, NetView for H2OMAP Water gives water utilities fast access to mission-critical GIS and modeling information as well as extensive data reporting capabilities critical to supporting water distribution management activities.

NetVIEW for InfoSWMM
By Innovyze (formerly MWH Soft). NetVIEW for InfoSWMM is a geospatial information viewing, distribution, and management software that facilitates rapid deployment and analysis of GIS data and modeling results in Google Earth. NetVIEW for InfoSWMM gives wastewater utilities fast access to mission-critical GIS and modeling information as well as extensive data reporting capabilities critical to supporting sewer systems management.

NetVIEW for InfoWater
By Innovyze (formerly MWH Soft). NetVIEW for InfoWater is a geospatial information viewing, distribution, and management software that facilitates rapid deployment and analysis of GIS data and modeling results in Google Earth. With NetVIEW for InfoWater, users can display their water distribution network models and analyze, share, and view detailed hydraulic (e.g., flow and pressure) and water quality (e.g., chlorine and water age) modeling results from any number of modeling scenarios directly in Google Earth.

Our Ecosystem
By Ecometrica. Our Ecosystem (OE) is a platform for deploying apps that give access to interactive spatial data from satellites and other sources. The apps allow easy and rapid generation, sharing and analysis of information applicable to a wide range of situations.

By M-Tech Software & Design. The QuickCross and QuickFence modules use data already entered in the company's QuickLog software to create 2-D cross sections and 3-D fence diagrams. Using the drawing tools, you can edit the drawings right on the preview screen.

By M-Tech Software & Design. QuickGIS enables you to organize the lithology data for a set of borings into a table of X, Y, Z coordinates and geological layers. You can then export this data to ArcView and other GIS systems or use it to enhance the abilities of QuickCross/Fence. Using QuickGIS, you can connect the geological layers to produce report-ready diagrams. This feature saves you the step of importing the diagrams into CAD.

By M-Tech Software & Design. Quicklog creates log/well construction diagrams. Completely menu driven, it is intended to be used by geologists or data-entry staff members to create diagrams without the need for a CAD system. Hundreds of different formats can be created without programming or lengthy formatting.

By Applied Biomathematics. Use RAMAS GIS to link your GIS to an ecological model, use landscape data in your population viability analysis, incorporate changes in habitat into a metapopulation model, and combine geographic and demographic data for risk assessment.

By GAEA Technologies Ltd. StrataExplorer is an application suite for subsurface mapping and data management system. The program can be used to map and evaluate minerals, hydrocarbons, soil and rock properties, and contaminants. The application is ideal for the environmental, geotechnical, mining, oil sands, and petroleum industries.

By Golden Software. Strater is a well log and borehole plotting software program that imports your data from a multitude of sources (database files, data files, LAS files, ODBC, and OLE DB data sources). Strater provides innumerable ways to graphically display your data. All the logs are fully customizable to suit your needs.

By Golden Software. Surfer produces contour and 3D surface maps. Surfer accurately transforms your XYZ data into colorful contour, wireframe, shaded relief, image, post, and vector maps. Surfer provides numerous gridding methods and user-control over gridding parameters. Use Surfer's default settings or choose from nine different gridding methods to generate a grid file which best represents your data. You can display your grid with seven different map types. The maps are customizable - define your own contour intervals, color schemes, axis settings, and more.

By CertainTech Corporation. SurfLink is a software program for creating contour maps in ArcGIS or MapInfo Professional using Surfer for Windows. Originally developed by GeoTrans, Inc., SurfLink is now owned and updated by CertainTech.

Terrain Navigator Pro
By Maptech, Inc. Print full-color maps and crisp aerial photos on any standard printer or large-format plotter. The print quality is clear, sharp, brilliant - in color or black and white. Print the maps with full USGS borders and legends. Print maps and aerial photos as seamless mosaics on one sheet.

By Intergraph Corporation. TerraShare® is an enterprise infrastructure for geospatial data management and earth imaging production.

The Natural Resources GIS of Russia
By American Geological Institute. The Natural Resources GIS of Russia provides CD-ROM access to regional scale geoscience data. With the CD, users can prepare customized maps for specific applications. The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources compiled and developed this powerful new research tool using ArcView Data Publisher in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Visual Site Manager
By GeoAnalysis, Inc. VSM integrates an environmental database with a map-based interface. Every project member has full access to project data using their desktop or laptop computer.

By Golden Software. A software program for the visualization of three-dimensional data. From the term voxel, a volumetric element. It imports data from a plethora of sources, and creates stunning graphics that let you creatively visualize the cryptic relationships in your data set.

By Environmental Software and Services GmbH (ESS). WaterWare is a river basin management information system, combining GIS, hydro-meteorological data analysis and a set of simulations models for water resources and water quality planning and management.

By DHI-WASY GmbH. A tool for georeferencing and processing spatially related raster data as well as transforming raster and vector data.

XMap Software
By DeLorme. XMap software provides detailed geo-data analysis tools that display your mission-critical data against a background of detailed maps, aerial imagery, or world-wide satellite imagery (all with 3-D options). XMap also offers easy-to-use GPS-centric navigation tools to route, track, or monitor your field technicians

For a directory of free Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Mapmaking Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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