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Activated Carbon Software
By Professional Analytical and Consulting Services, Inc. (PACS). Windows software that calculates activated carbon (AC) loading capacity from the air concentration at equilibrium. This program also evaluates the relative humidity effect on AC equilibrium loading capacity. This software database contains 818 volatile organic compounds (VOC) of interest to regulators and solvent recovery applications.

Bioventing Design Tool (BVDT)
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program was selected to build the BVDT. This version of the BVDT (version 1.0) is the first public release. It contains the BVDT, the Bioventing Database, and the BVDT Help File. 1995.

Environmental Science Database (formerly E-CD)
By Ovid (formerly SilverPlatter Information Inc.). Environmental Science Database from CAB International provides coverage of topics such as soil erosion, erosion control, biodegradation, bioremediation, and more. Environmental Science Database also contains information on such diverse environmental issues as the impact of tourism on the environment, deforestation and forest decline, and biological treatment of wastes.

Flexible Membrane Liner Advisory Expert System (FLEX)
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Flexible Membrane Liner Advisory Expert System (FLEX), assists in the interpretation of the data from EPA Method 9090 tests. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency uses Method 9090 as the standard test for determining the chemical compatibility of flexible membrane liners used in solid waste containment applications. The FLEX system uses artificial intelligence techniques to analyze selected EPA Method 9090 test results. 1992.

Multicomponent Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Air Emission Model
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This software estimates uncontrolled air emissions from soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems. These estimates may be used to assess potential air pathway risks or to determine the need for controls. 1996.

RACER software
By AECOM (formerly Earth Tech). RACER is environmental cleanup costs estimating software used by the federal government, many state agencies, environmental consultants and industry. RACER estimates costs parametrically using models for common and unusual remediation technologies. This software is used on UST sites, RCRA and CERCLA projects.

Remediation Engineering Design Concepts on CD-ROM
By CRC Press LLC. Remediation Engineering Design Concepts on CD-ROM is a guide to understanding the theory and field implementation of modern remediation technologies. This continually updated CD-ROM discusses evaluation, design, and implementation, and provides sample calculations and step-by-step illustrated guidelines.

Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix and Reference Guide, Second Edition
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This guide is intended to be used to screen and evaluate candidate cleanup technologies for contaminated installations and waste sites in order to assist remedial project managers (RPMs) in selecting a remedial alternative. The guide allows the user to gather essential descriptive information on the respective treatment technologies, incorporating cost and performance data to the maximum extent available. The guide focuses primarily on demonstrated technologies with available performance data. 1995.

Remedy Defender
By Environmental Risk Communications, Inc. (ERCI). Remedy Defender documents cost and project drivers, alternative strategies, and associated cost ranges. RD compares variations in timing, remedial technology, land use, litigation, cost recoveries, and risk transfer to/from third parties. Corporate project managers compare strategies based on lifecycle costs, discount cash flows, and even recommended reserve levels. RD uses Monte Carlo modeling to create statistically defensible and reproducible cost estimates to meet FASB 5, AICPA SOP 96-1, and ASTM E2137 and E2173.

The Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) Model
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Modeling landfill design and performance.

USGA Restoration Handbook on CD-ROM
By CRC Press LLC. A comprehensive guide to natural landscaping and ecological restoration.

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