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By Ecocion Inc. ACTS helps you take control of your EHS requirements, GHG/Emission tracking, sustainability and governance needs from a single platform. Features include Asset Tracking; Compliance and Task Tracking; GHG, Emission, and Effluence Tracking; Project Tracking; Document Management; and Safety and Training.

Alcumus Info Exchange
By Alcumus Holdings Limited (formerly Sypol). Alcumus Info Exchange can be used to interrogate all kinds of management data including: accident and incident management, property compliance, safety, health and environmental management, loss prevention, audits and inspections and supply chain management.

Assure (formerly SHE)
By SHE Software Limited (formerly Lexware International Ltd). Assure, SHE® Software's online health and safety software lets all of your workforce report incidents, record hazards and view CoSHH, policy and guidance information through a simple safety portal. Make sure actions, tasks and information reviews are managed and completed on time with the integrated Action Manager and Review Scheduler, which includes email and SMS reminders and escalation.

AutoTrak Data Management
By OCCU-TEC. A series of custom database programs designed to assist clients in evaluating their risk and improve their safety and environmental processes. Helps manage data on asbestos, lead, indoor air quality/mold, PPE, confined spaces, machine guarding, ergonomics hazards, employee training, and environmental site assessments.

BNA Trainer
By Bloomberg BNA / Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. BNA Trainer is an online training and risk management solution that allows you to deliver, track, manage, and report on all your training initiatives -- for multiple trainees and locations, across multiple subject areas.

ClickSafety Learning Management System
By ClickSafety.com, Inc. Designed by safety experts, ClickSafety’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a scalable, enterprise-class, Web-based application that enables you to automate the processes associated with learning management administration. Pinpoint safety-related skill and competency gaps; select, assign, and deliver job-specific courseware to fill those gaps; track employee and contractor training enrollments, progress, completions, and test scores.

CMR Training Management System
By Curtis Management Resources, LLC. The Training Management System provides a tool for the management of employee training records. In addition to simply tracking when and who was trained, the program allows the inclusion of additional documents such as tests, course syllabus, or sign-up sheets using scan-and-store technology. Additional features include scheduling, communications, and reporting tools, along with enhanced search and sort functionality.

Coastal LMS
By DuPont Sustainable Solutions (formerly Coastal Training Technologies Corporation). Deliver, document and manage your training from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

By IBS America, Inc. (formerly Quality Systems International). CompliantPro provides integrated elements for managing the entire compliance cycle: document control, corrective and preventative action, assessment, training and qualification, and Sarbanes Oxley process management.

Convergence Scout
By Capstone Technology. Portable Training Device facilitates a fully electronic (paperless) training record management system.

Convergence Training Server
By Capstone Technology. For larger organizations, Convergence's web-based system allows tracking of training requirements - including students, courses, prerequisites, testing and results - for a wide range of industries as well as 24/7 operations. Convergence Server tracks each employee's training status, allows students to progress at their own pace and monitors and records their progress. Training time, test scores and test responses are recorded for reporting.

Convergence Training Viewer
By Capstone Technology. Convergence Training Viewer delivers training content to a single workstation - Best for smaller companies that need quality training material with minimum administrative functionality.

Convergence Training WebExpress
By Capstone Technology. Convergence WebExpress delivers training content from Capstone's EHS and MSHA training libraries using an internet-based platform - Best for companies with multiple sites that need quality training material and without the cost and time requirements of large enterprise systems.

DataPipe Industrial Hygiene and Safety Modules
By Knorr Associates Inc. DataPipe Industrial Hygiene and Safety Modules are part of the comprehensive DataPipe EH&S Software. You can purchase the entire system or individual modules. Safety Modules include: Confined Spaces, Controls, Fires, Industrial Hygiene Air Samples, Indoor Air Quality, Lasers, Radiation, PPE, Incidents, Training Records, Work History, and more. It also includes modules for general activities such as Questionnaires, and a Tickler/To-Do feature.

DuPont eLearning Suite
By DuPont Sustainable Solutions (formerly Coastal Training Technologies Corporation). The DuPont™ eLearning Suite is a comprehensive online training solution. The platform incorporates advanced training technologies to help you manage your employee training from start to finish, simplifying and streamlining the process. More than 1,400 training titles are available in 20 languages, including online compliance training and online ethics training. Suite components include the Learning Management System (LMS), Interactive Courseware, Authoring Tool, Contractor Tracking System and Technical Reference System.

eClarus Learning Management System
By Vivid Learning Systems, Inc. Vivid Learning Systems' eClarus Learning Management System is built and managed with more than 20 years of computer and web-based training delivery and service experience. It's designed to provide training delivery, tracking and reporting.

By Emex. Emex is a software platform that can help your organisation manage operational risk and compliance in an integrated and proactive way. EHS modules include Incident Management, Risk Management, Audit Management, CSR, and Document Management. Operations modules includes Claims Management, Training Manager, and Equipment Manager. Each module can function independently or as an integrated solution.

Employee Tracking (ET) System
By MicroNiche, Inc. ET is a fully integrated solution for tracking employee occupational health information. Issues tracked include Physicals, Exposures, Medical Surveillance, Immunizations, Training and Testing.

Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting System
By Applications International Corporation. The Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting system is a suite of modules that support Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM), Enterprise Risk Management, and Sustainability Management. Modules include: Workers Compensation, Training Management, Injury Illness, JSA, Corrective Action Tracking, Fires, Spills, NOV/Agency Visits, Complaints, Audit Management, MSDS Management, Carbon Management etc.

EnviroManager Software
By Tetra Tech, Inc. EnviroManager Software helps manage environmental compliance. Modules are divided into three groups: Portal Modules, Management Modules and Inventory Modules. Note that although organizations can pick individual modules they are configured to work together if selected as a group. Portal Modules include Compliance Management Dashboard, Sustainability Metrics Portal, Environmental WebTrainer, and EnviroMapper GIS. Management Modules include MSDS, Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, and Audit Management. Inventory Modules include Green House Gas Emissions (GHG), Tanks, Asbestos, PCB/Transformer, and Cultural Resources.

equation's Training Module
By Prism eSolutions. equation's® Training Module allows you to prepare manage training courses and record information on training results.

ERA Health and Safety Software
By ERA Environmental Consulting, Inc. Safety and health software application. Includes modules for equipment, incident tracking, training log, hygiene sampling tracking, compliance manager, and MSDS viewer.

ESOH Shared Functions Module
By Northrop Grumman. Part of ESOH-MIS. Provides general functions needed by users of different ESOH modules. These functions include screens to maintain organizational data, record accounting (with cross billing tracking) transactions, establish training course requirements and record employee attendance, monitor equipment use, track shop visits, identify unique activities/processes, and track employee work assignments.

EtQ Environmental Health & Safety Management System
By EtQ, Inc. Guides companies through compliance with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, cGxP(FDA), Sarbanes-Oxley, Six Sigma, and similar standards for Quality, Compliance and Environmental Health & Safety Management. The web browser-based system for your intranet, extranet or the internet helps you through the full-life cycle of achieving and maintaining EHS compliance. Incidents, Objectives and Targets, MSDS, Document Control, Corrective and Preventative Action, Calibration, Employee Training, NCMR, APQP, Audits & Surveys, Engineering Change and EtQ's Centralized Reporting Tool are just some of the dozens of processes EtQ EHS Compliance software streamlines and simplifies.

Ex3 EHS Data Management System
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). Ex3 EHS Data Management System is a web-based application available in either a customized version specific to your organization's needs or as a subscription service. Features include injury/illness tracking, safety incident tracking, OSHA reporting, safety inspections, chemical management, industrial hygiene, medical monitoring, task assignment, waste tracking, chemical use reporting, chemical approval, Hazmat reporting, and safety training tracking.

EXPVision Suite
By Hazox (formerly EXP-Hazox). EXPVision Suite empowers your EH&S organizations to maintain regulatory compliance and continually measure, manage & improve performance across the global enterprise through automation of tasks and procedures for maintaining, tracking and reporting both corporate and local compliance initiatives. Features include injury/illness tracking, incident reporting, audit management, safety statistics, training tracking, and environmental and occupatioanl health data management.

ExxTend Learning
By OverNite Software, Inc. (OSI). A web-based information and training delivery and management system. This learning management system helps administer your company's information - student registration and tracking, testing and reporting, curriculum and course administration, and it is all accessible to users and administrators through a 100% web interface.

FacTS Training Tracking Module
By Quantum Compliance. This FacTS module provides the ability to access and edit data needed to demonstrate that employees performing assigned tasks have received the necessary training. Job classification, department, equipment, and product establish training requirements.

By Antea Group (formerly Delta Consultants). iEHS™ is the next generation of web-based environmental, health, safety and sustainability information management systems. After 10 years of daily use of its predecessor, IntelligentEHS®, by hundreds of EHS professionals, iEHS takes advantage of new web technologies to provide maximum flexibility in EHS and sustainability management. iEHS was designed to meet today's EHS business requirements while also providing clients with the ability to address rapidly developing strategic issues: global climate change, energy management, water use, public and stakeholder transparency and sustainability. The core modules include Metrics & Measures; Audits; Due Diligence; Risk Assessment; Training Center; Incident Management; Air, Water and Waste Management; Chemical Inventory; Industrial Hygiene; Contractor Management; and Hazardous Energy Control.

IHS Compliance Suite Training Management Software
By IHS ESS. Never miss a training date again by organizing and managing your entire employee training. Assign training requirements by job title, department, and facility for automatic scheduling, conflict-checking, and wait-listing. Schedule multiple-day classes, instructors, classroom locations, and recurring classes. Move or copy students and course information from one class to another. Monitor and evaluate total training costs by employee, course, and/or instructor. Print customized certificates, course confirmation letters, and tent cards. Expand the capabilities of TMS with WebConnect, a web-based front end that allows your employees and instructors to access and enter their own data from any location.

Intelex Training Management System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. Intelex's web-based Training Management Software is designed to be a turn-key solution that will enable your organization to quickly begin managing and reporting training data.

Interactive CD-ROM Safety Courses
By MARCOM Group, Ltd. MARCOM's Safety, Health, Laboratory and Regulatory Compliance Interactive CD-ROM Courses provides training that is available on individual PCs, Intranets or company computer labs... on demand... any time... and at workers own pace. CD-ROM training increases information retention by directly involving employees in the learning process. They can... "See" ... "Hear" ... and "Touch" ... their training material.

Keller-Soft E-Z Access Recordkeeper
By J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Organize and track OSHA, DOT, and EPA-required training ... from who's been trained and when, to which training topics were covered.

By WellNet Solutions Inc. A Learning Management System (LMS) offering a method for planning, scheduling, delivering and tracking of all employee training across the organization. Also offers a library of online safety and health courses.

M3V Training Tracker
By M3V Data Management, LLC. A web-based solution for EH&S managers, business and HR administrators to keep track of their employees' training requirements and qualifications for one or multiple facilities. The application eases viewing, monitoring, recordkeeping, pending or completed training classes and recognition of employee’s certification.

MasteryNet LMS
By Mastery Technologies, Inc. MasteryNet LMS is an enterprise-class Learning Management System that will allow you to launch and track Mastery courses, any SCORM compliant training from other vendors, as well as other non-SCORM content. As an administrator, this powerful course management program lets you tailor options to manage the day-to-day training operations of your online training.

MasteryNet LMS Training Manager
By Mastery Technologies, Inc. Training Manager is a course management program that allows you to tailor options and features to meet your needs. You can use this system to manage the day-to-day training operations and the training delivery process.

By The Drake Group. MESHsystems is an enterprise safety management system that uses Adobe Flash/Flex technology. It includes tracking for actions, audits, incidents, inspections, chemicals, and procedures. It helps with Learning Management Systems (LMS), Management of Change (MOC), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), and emergency management.

MIRS MSDS Management and OSHA Compliance Modules
By A V Systems, Inc. MIRS MSDS software helps author and manage material safety data sheets (MSDSs) and labels, disseminate them within the company and/or distribute them to customers. Supports multilingual (French-Canadian and Spanish) MSDS database in OSHA 9-part, and ANSI, Canadian, and European 16-part formats. Includes a Regulated Chemical database, RCRA code list, UN/NA code list, DOT Hazard code list, as well as customizable phrase library, including ANSI phrases. MSDSs can be printed, saved as PDFs, distributed via fax or email, exported to HTML for viewing on the Internet or company intranet. MIRS HAZCOM provides tracking training, employee illness/injury (OSHA 300 and 301), etc.

NetLearning's Learning System
By NetLearning. NetLearning supplies a total learning management system including computer-based courses, a student interface system and a learning administrator system for JCAHO and OSHA training requirements in hospitals and industry.

By EssentialSkillz. O-LAS combines the functionality of a Learning Management System, a Risk Assessment System, a Content Development Tool and an Online Testing Tool. This integrated package allows you to deliver and track online courses (both off-the-shelf and self-developed), online tests and self risk assessments helping you to manage learning and demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.

OHM (Occupational Health Manager)
By UL, LLC (formerly Puresafety). OHM is health, safety, and environmental tracking software. It integrates case management, safety, encounter log, medical surveillance for tracking of physicals/training due, training management for history of courses/classes/completion results, drug/alcohol screening with random list generation, hearing conservation, pulmonary function, absenteeism, scheduling, wellness, respirator fit testing, ergonomics, job/task demand analysis, multiple client management, industrial hygiene, hospital compliance/vaccinations, employee assistance program (EAP), medical review officer (MRO), billing, OSHA injury/illness and clinic visit log, progress notes, OSHA 200, 101, Workers' Compensation forms, and incident rate tracking. Extensive reporting capabilities. Instrument interfaces included for audiometers, spirometers, ECGs, Titmus vision screeners, laboratories. MSDS Management and Safety Web Versions. Client Server.

OSHACampus Learning Management System
By 360training. Deliver, track and report training courses, compliance, certificate processing and other aspects of your safety program through online or offline learning management technology.

Parklane Health and Safety System
By Parklane Systems. The Parklane Health and Safety System is a fully integrated application comprised of various components for the respective disciplines involved in the administration of health, safety, and workplace issues. It includes modules for incident reporting, claims management, training scheduling, environmental impact, and event management.

ProcessMAP Safety Solutions
By ProcessMAP Corporation. Part of the ProcessMAP EH&S Information Management System. Available modules include: Work Related Injuries / Illnesses Incident Management, Property & Collision Incidents Management, MSDS Management & Chemical Approval, Job Hazard Assessment, Behavior Based Safety (BBS), and Training Records Management.

Renaissance eGuru
By Sobha Renaissance Information Technology (SRIT). SRIT’s Learning Management System (LMS) Renaissance eGuru and helps organizations identify training needs, deploy training content and track its completion. The LMS manages the profile of every learner and keeps the organization and the learner informed about the progress of learning and completion records.

Safety Management System
By TargetSafety. The Safety Management System, TargetSafety's proprietary learning management system, allows employers to mitigate known risk and maintain compliance with internal and external procedures, policies and process requirements.

SafetyOffice Suite
By SafeSoft LLC (formerly Safety Software, Inc.). SafetyOfficeSuite and SafetyOfficeSuite Pro are bundled packages of OSHALOG and TRAINLOG that provide you with all the tools your human resource managers, Health Coordinators and Supervisors would need to manage OSHA forms, training, CDLs, PPE and more.

SE Training
By SoftExpert. SE Training helps manage training at your company. The system continuously verifies, notifies and directs employee competencies for the mechanism that monitors the competence assessments within pre-established deadlines.

Simply! Tracking
By KnowledgeWare Communications Corp. Simply! Tracking is a web-based software program that tracks and schedules company training. Simply! Tracking can track training globally or locally by multiple company, location, and department. Track and view training done and needed by location, department, course, job title, or individual employee. Assign location managers to manage training by location, or department managers to manage by department. Can be customized to your needs.

SIVCO Training Records Management System
By SIVCO Inc. The TRAINING RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM provides web-enabled access to all employee and student training records pertaining to all required certifications necessary to ensure community and personal safety as well as safe work practices.

By SkillSoft (formerly GoTrain.net, LLC). SkillPort, the learning management system for SkillSoft's e-learning solution, helps deploy learning programs within organizations.

By Abbottsfield Industrial Training, Inc. The SkillsNOW Document Management, Training and Regulatory Compliance System is designed to improve the human performance and regulatory compliance record of operating companies by streamlining their training, safety, production, and administrative functions through better management of their documentation and superior work processes. In addition to its training and document management capabilities, the software includes a Management of Change Workflow module that is suitable for facilities that fall under the OSHA PSM or the new EPA Risk Management Program Requirements.

Synergi Activity Management
By Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The main purpose of the Synergi® Activity Management™ module is to allow organisations to manage the overall process of planning, registering and following up meetings, training, initiatives and activities.

Syntrio LMS
By Syntrio. Whether you are looking for a highly scalable enterprise learning management system (LMS) or a simple tracking system to get an e-learning initiative off the ground, the Syntrio LMS can be configured to meet your needs. Automated e-mail notifications and powerful reporting capabilities take the work out of training administration. Each system allows for the assignment of multiple users types with flexible permissions and automated batch imports from an HRIS or ERP ensure that all users can access the site.

Training and Development
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Keep accurate training records, monitor training costs, evaluate training objectives and maximise your investment in training.

Training ExPress
By ImageTrak Software. Add-on product to MSDS ExPress for managing employee training records.

Training Record Database
By Occupational & Environmental Health Consulting Services, Inc. (OEHCS). This program tracks employee training year to year and documents training information for regulatory agencies. List training by employee, job title, dept, etc. based on historical data. Over 23 different training classes. Check box data input.

Training Tracker Software
By STAR Consultants, Inc. Defines job titles by area or department; defines training programs; defines training required for job titles or individuals; and automates and keeps track of records with reports and certificates.

By SafeSoft LLC (formerly Safety Software, Inc.). Schedule, track and manage all training, PPE, CDLs, physicals, drug test results, hazard assessments by job position with comprehensive reporting system.

By ATR, Inc. A training, delivery, and record keeping system that manages computer-based instruction and classroom, on-the-job, off-site, and safety meeting instruction.

For a directory of free Training Records Management Software, check out EHSfreeware.

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