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By ARCHIBUS, Inc. The ARCHIBUS Solution Center – Environment + Sustainability Services provides rapidly deployed solutions that address operational needs for environmental performance indicators and measurement, and long-term business needs of risk mitigation. Modules include: Material Safety Data Sheets, Compliance & Financial Management, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Health & Safety, Clean Building, Green Building, and Waste Management.

Chemical Management Solution (CMS)
By Atrion International, Inc. Atrion’s Chemical Management Solution (CMS) provides the technological infrastructure for companies using chemicals at any stage of the supply chain — to reduce costs and optimize efforts, while remaining in compliance with legislations.

By SAI Global Limited. Cintellate has been designed based on international EHS and Risk standards. Cintellate's EHS and Risk processes include incident/event management, business planning, risk identification and assessment, change management, obligations management, audit and inspections, project management, action management and many more. Some of the supported environmental processes include air and water monitoring, waste management, and emissions trading.

Command Core System (CCS)
By Northrop Grumman. CCS is a client/server application that's part of Northrop Grumman's Environmental, Safety, & Occupational Health (ESOH) system. CCS helps organizations manage risks and costs associated with environmental, occupational health, and safety issues.

DataPipe EH&S Information Management Software
By Knorr Associates Inc. DataPipe™ is a modular software solution for collecting and managing environment, health and safety information. Whether accessed from the World Wide Web or from a Windows desktop, DataPipe allows for tracking and reporting on the various aspects of the respective EH&S disciplines. The system offers point-and-click reporting, data exchange utilities and automated e-mail messaging. It also provides electronic interfaces with labs, instruments and other systems to simplify the process of integrating and accessing EH&S information. Also includes a module for Responsible Care. Individual modules also available.

By e3 Solutions, Inc. This comprehensive application suite provides tools to predict, plan for, monitor, and report on EH&S performance metrics within an organization. Modules include: Air, Waste, Hazardous Material, Water, Compliance, and Health & Safety. Any number of these modules can be implemented as standalone applications or integrated for a complete solution.

By Aquionix, Inc. Ecesis is a compliance management system that enables companies to efficiently manage their environmental, safety and sustainability programs.

EHS Enterprise
By ImageWave Corporation. Chemical inventory/MSDS management and regulatory reporting software suite, consisting of the following modules: MSDSFinder, MSDS Writer, Advanced Environmental Reporting, Bar Code/Inventory Tracking, Container Labeling, Waste Disposal, and Air/Water Emissions.

EHS Insight
By StarTex Software LLC. EHS Insight provides EHS Management capabilities such as: Incident Management and Investigations, Environmental Management, Management of Change, Audits and Inspections, and Proactive Measures and Risk Management. Other Environmental Management features include Plans and Procedures, Greenhouse Gas and Emissions Management, Chemical Inventory Management, MSDS and COSHH, Waste Management, and Storm Water and Waste Water Data Management.

EnviroManager Software
By Tetra Tech, Inc. EnviroManager Software helps manage environmental compliance. Modules are divided into three groups: Portal Modules, Management Modules and Inventory Modules. Note that although organizations can pick individual modules they are configured to work together if selected as a group. Portal Modules include Compliance Management Dashboard, Sustainability Metrics Portal, Environmental WebTrainer, and EnviroMapper GIS. Management Modules include MSDS, Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, and Audit Management. Inventory Modules include Green House Gas Emissions (GHG), Tanks, Asbestos, PCB/Transformer, and Cultural Resources.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
By SFS Chemical Safety Inc. (dba Chemical Safety Software). Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is a comprehensive management and reporting application that tracks and manages flows of hazardous materials through the supply chain, keeps MSDS's up-to-date and makes them available to all users across an organization via the Internet or network. EMS makes environmental and safety information available in accordance with local, state, federal and international regulations. Chemical Safety’s EMS consisting of interconnected modules: Inventory/Materials Management, MSDS Management & Chemical Reference, Waste Management, Human Resources and Safety Management, Management Reports, BOL (Bill of Lading), Auditing and Inspections, and Inventory Collection System (ICS).

By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. EPOCH software is a comprehensive environmental data management system. EPOCH consists of 17 different modules including; Chemical Management, MSDS, Hazardous Waste, Air Emissions, Water Reporting, Permit Tracking, Environmental Events, Industrial Hygiene Sampling, PCB Equipment, Tank, Audit Tracking, Calendar with email notification and others. The EPOCH system modules may be purchased individually or used all together depending upon the needs of the customer.

ERA Environmental Software (formerly ERA-EMS)
By ERA Environmental Consulting, Inc. Features an integrated database and includes regulatory tracking and reporting capabilities for SARA 312 (Tier II reporting) and SARA 313 (TRI tracking , Form R Reporting), Canadian Reports (NPRI & Ontario Rule 127), air emissions management, and waste management. Includes a built-in master chemical list with 9000 chemicals.

ESOH-MIS (Environment, Safety and Occupational Health - Management Information System)
By Northrop Grumman. ESOH, is a multi-module integrated system for managing Environmental, Health and Safety issues across the enterprise. The system is Oracle based and Web enabled reusing shared information to insure a single repository for risk management and ISO certification. ESOH is based on the Department of Defense Command Core System. See separate listings for modules.

Ex3 EHS Data Management System
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). Ex3 EHS Data Management System is a web-based application available in either a customized version specific to your organization's needs or as a subscription service. Features include injury/illness tracking, safety incident tracking, OSHA reporting, safety inspections, chemical management, industrial hygiene, medical monitoring, task assignment, waste tracking, chemical use reporting, chemical approval, Hazmat reporting, and safety training tracking.

By HEMMIS N.V. ExESS provides inventory, reporting and management for the Environmental, Health and Safety needs (EH&S) of a company. Modules include Chemicals Management, Management Systems, Measurement Management, and Waste Management. The Chemicals Management Module helps manage product data, storage, registrations, MSDS, TremCards, labels, waste management, safety cards, INCI, SEVESO, calculation of preparations, ADR, REACH, GHS, IUCLID interfacing, distribution of product information, product stewardship, and more. The Management Systems module helps manage workplace descriptions and analysis, risk identification and evaluation, dynamic risk assessment, KINEY, MUOPO, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Balanced Score Card, Responsible Care, EN1050, SOBANE, environmental and safety indicators, and chemical safety assessment. The Measurement Management module manages collection of emission data including water, air, and soil, and compares emissions to legal exposure limits.

EXPVision Suite
By Hazox (formerly EXP-Hazox). EXPVision Suite empowers your EH&S organizations to maintain regulatory compliance and continually measure, manage & improve performance across the global enterprise through automation of tasks and procedures for maintaining, tracking and reporting both corporate and local compliance initiatives. Features include injury/illness tracking, incident reporting, audit management, safety statistics, training tracking, and environmental and occupatioanl health data management.

FacTS Small Business Solution (SBS)
By Quantum Compliance. Quantum's FacTS Small Business Solution (SBS) Environmental Health and Safety Information Management System is a comprehensive application solution for any small business' Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives. This potential client is a small business with one to two facilities and no more than three concurrent users. However with its scalable features, FacTS SBS is a solution that is easily adjustable to fit a small organization's current needs and expand to fit their future EHS needs.

By Gensuite LLC. Gensuite is a cloud-based solutions suite for organizational functions to manage risk and achieve compliance. Gensuite offers over 60 Web applications that span the EHS spectrum, with additional capabilities for allied functions such as Quality, Controllership, Responsible Sourcing, Security/Crisis Management, and Product Compliance.

Hazardous Materials Manager
By Simplicity Data Systems, Inc. The Hazardous Materials Manager is an enterprise level system designed to manage compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOT and Fire Protection Requirements. The system is tailored to each facility and includes support for MSDS Library Management, Hazard Assessments, Training, SARA and other requirements. This legacy system is now offered as part of the company's service portfolio.

By LOGICAL Technology, Inc. HAZMIN is LOGICAL's flagship software. HAZMIN is actually five independently licensed, but relational, modules: The MSDS Management Module, The Material Process Control Module, The Regulated Substance Database, The Environmental Reporting Module, and The Task Management Module. All modules share data creating a comprehensive data management tool. HAZMIN is designed for Corporate EH&S solutions running on Intranet/Internet servers.

IHS Compliance Suite
By IHS ESS. A modular Health & Safety management information system that covers training, safety, MSDS, Right-to-Know, audit, liability claims, industrial hygiene, refrigerant compliance, and waste management. Each product can be used alone or in combination with the others. See the individual descriptions for more information.

IHS Essential Suite
By IHS ESS. Essential EH&S uses current technology, including web interfaces, to streamline EH&S compliance and management activities. The software suite provides integration between EH&S solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which encourages the use of better business practices. All this and more is done within five primary solutions made up of several individually integrated modules that give organizations the tools to leverage EH&S data enterprise wide. The five solutions are Essential Hazard Communication, Essential Emissions Management, Essential Compliance Management, Essential Occupational Health and Safety, and Essential Contingency Management (see separate listings).

By IHS Inc. A web-enabled, cradle-to-grave hazardous materials management and tracking system integrating web-enabled database technologies to meet the needs of government and commercial enterprises in complying with EPA, state, local and public hazardous materials concerns. IHS's cradle-to-grave hazardous material/hazardous waste management system is used by some of the largest military depots in the world, tracking over 30,000 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) listed substances.

Intelex EHS Management System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. The Intelex EHS Management System enables organizations to surpass compliance requirements, effectively manage risks, improve operational performance, and foster a culture of corporate social responsibility. The web-based system functions as a central, organization-wide EHS portal to collect, track, and report EHS data and files in real-time.

Intelex Integrated Management Systems
By Intelex Technologies Inc. Intelex has a library of modules that streamline business management processes. You can select any combination of modules to address your priorities. Modules can also be added at any time in the future as you expand your performance improvement programs. Modules include Audits and Inspections; Incident & Accident Reporting; Risk Assessment; Corrective/Preventive Action; Document Control and Revisions Management; Meetings Management; Training Records Management; and more.

By MAXCOM, A Division of Haas TCM. MAXCOM is a hazardous chemical management system for healthcare and industry. It addresses both the intent and the requirements of the federal hazard communication standard. MAXCOM's patented chemical categorization system assigns all chemicals, and their associated MSDSs, into one of 36 Safe-Use-Categories and three hazard levels. Consequently, all of your institution's employee time, effort, and cost of handling, managing, and training on thousands of MSDSs is compressed to just 36 Safe-Use-Guides. In addition, we offer Environmental reporting and waste tracking.

MIRS (Material Inventory Report System)
By A V Systems, Inc. MIRS (Material Inventory Report System) is a comprehensive, integrated, modular software package which manages data and creates reports for SARA, CAA, CWA, RCRA, MSDS, and OSHA Hazard Communication reporting. MIRS™ provides cradle-to-grave inventory tracking, MSDS scanning, import and management capabilities, a database of 32,000 chemicals and 45+ agency lists, and produces Tier I/II reports, Form R, OSHA Form 101 and 200, waste manifests and labels, Form GM and IC, DMR, and many standard and ad hoc reports. The package offers more than 20 modules, including state/local Tier reporting variations and provides export of MSDSs to HTML format for Internet/Intranet viewing. An edition for EH&S consultants is available. See separate listings on specific modules.

By Dixon Environmental. MONITOR provides planning, organizing, evaluating, and managing environmental compliance through a secure internet application that fosters collaboration and information sharing. Using MONITOR clients assess and mitigate the impact of existing and impending regulations on their operations, preserve institutional knowledge, and streamline on-going monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting. Powered by Enviance.

By Setu Net Pvt Ltd. mySetu suites and systems comprise of more than 50 modules across the EHS&S domain, including Performance Management, 3A (Aware, Acquire, and Assess) Knowledge Solutions, Incident Management, Industrial Safety Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene Management, Sustainability Management, Crisis Management and Security Works.

By Sobha Renaissance Information Technology (SRIT). NVizion is an enterprise-wide, integrated, web based EH&S solution that enables managers to make vital decisions. NVizion helps set, track and report goals. NVizion helps meet compliance with ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standards. NVizion is a web-based transactional system with workflow based automation of business processes. NVizion's features includes online analytic processing, business alerts and notification, and system administrator interface. NVizion offers the following modules: Incident Tracking; Audits and Non Conformance; Environmental Management; Industrial Hygiene; Risk Assessment; Occupational Health; and Waste Management.

By IHS ESP (Environmental Software Providers). opsEnvironmental™ is a multi-media environmental data management software suite which helps companies manage and report on environmental compliance activities.

By ProcessMAP Corporation. ProcessMAP offers a suite of web-based enterprise information management solutions focusing on regulatory compliance and risk management in environment, health, workplace safety & transportation safety. Our portal software forms the foundation to support all the solutions - whether you decide to take one module at a time or all modules at once.

Q EHS (formerly QCS-FacTS (Facility Tracking System))
By Quantum Compliance. The Q EHS Enterprise system allows you to deploy only the components that meet your organization’s compliance and reporting needs. Specifically, it contains modular solutions for Environmental Reporting, Health and Safety, EHS Management and SDS authoring and generation as well as a Business Intelligence Dashboard.

QEHS Management - Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Management
By Enablon. Enablon offers the industry's most comprehensive software suite for Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety (QEHS) performance management. Enablon QEHS solutions help companies meet their QEHS management and compliance challenges: from environmental reporting and management of Air, Water, Waste and Chemicals, to Greenhouse Gas Emission tracking and reduction, to Worker Safety and Incident Loss Prevention, and much more.

By regAction Inc. (formerly International Environmental Associates, Inc. (IEA)). regAction is an online environmental information management system developed to provide environmental professionals with access to information and management tools vital to regulatory compliance efforts. Equipped with a set of interactive modules, regAction offers a comprehensive environmental management solution.

SAP EHS Management
By SAP AG / Technidata. SAP EHS Management is a comprehensive, integrated application that enables your company to streamline and implement EHS strategies. With a broad range of capabilities, SAP EHS Management addresses regulatory compliance and helps you identify, manage, and mitigate EHS risks cost by taking an integrated approach to all aspects of risk and compliance. You can maintain operating licenses, avoid incidents, keep facilities and transportation safe, and deliver compliant and safe products to customers. Consists of several modules that integrate with the SAP enterprise-wide system to support: product safety and hazardous substance management, hazardous goods management, industrial hygiene and safety, waste management, and occupational medicine.

By Sphera Solutions (formerly IHS OERM). Software and information services in the operational risk, environmental performance and product stewardship markets.

TERMS (The Environmental Regulation Management System)
By MAXCOM, A Division of Haas TCM. The Environmental Regulation Management System electronically manages MSDSs and prepares reports such as an EPA approved Form R, Tier II and EHS reports. Identify chemicals regulated in CA, MA, MI, NJ and PA and complete some state specific Tier II reports. Features include VOC and HAP identification and tracking, CERCLA Spill Report and a universal MSDS input module. Multiple search and indexing capabilities find active or archived MSDSs. Print NFPA/HMIS color labels and MSDS request letters.

The Enviance System
By Enviance, Inc. The Enviance Internet-based solution allows users to organize environmental, health and safety reporting data in one place. It helps with GHG and Carbon Accounting, Sustainability and CSR, Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Health & Safety, and Enterprise Performance Management. Enviance will store your data, creating a centralized data management platform, adding consistency and integrity to data sets. Enviance’s feature-rich tool kit and built-out templates allow you to manage your complex environmental, health and safety obligations, such as greenhouse gas, NPDES, Title V, RCRA, TRI, and OSHA. The Enviance SaaS platform has a built-in flexible reporting mechanism, which enables the generation of standardized and customized reports.

For a directory of free Multi-Regulation Compliance Systems (Environmental Management Information Systems), check out EHSfreeware.

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