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Following is a list of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA/Superfund) Compliance Tools. To learn more about the developer, click on the company name. For more information about the product, click on the product name. You must be registered to access this information. Registration is FREE. Just click on the "Register" button to the right.

By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). CASHOUT determines in current year dollars what all the future clean-up costs of a Superfund site will be. 1996.

DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules
By Knorr Associates Inc. DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules are part of the comprehensive DataPipe EH&S Software. You can purchase the entire system or individual modules. Environmental Modules include: Air Pollution, Emission Source Tests, Form R, Lab Packs, MSDS Generation, NPDES, Ozone Depleting Substances/CFCs, PCB Inventory & Containers, Process Models, Responsible Care, Storage Tanks, Tank Activity, TSCA, Waste Characterization, Waste Receiving, Waste Shipping, Waste Storage, Waste Treatment/Recovery, List of Lists, Permit History, Project Management, Spill Calculator, and Water Quality. It also includes modules for general activities such as Questionnaires and a Tickler/To-Do feature.

FacTS Environmental Excursion Reporting Module
By Quantum Compliance. This module allows users to identify and track incidents and associated spills, track spill responses, flag whether the spills are CERCLA or SARA reportable, and record calls made to regulatory agencies. In preparing spill reports, the system references and compares the reportable quantities in the preloaded CERCLA, SARA, and EHS 355 lists against the total quantity of the product spilled.

Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances
By CCH, INCORPORATED. Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances delivers fast online access to compliance solutions for hazardous waste management problems. It offers continually updated analysis of RCRA, CERCLA, EPCRA and PCB regulations to help you better understand regulatory requirements.

Intelex Spill and Release Reporting System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. Intelex's Spill and Release Reporting module is a comprehensive solution for identifying and managing a hazardous material spill. In addition, this module is structured to not only ensure regulatory compliance, but also to facilitate a lesson learned process, to reduce the risk of future hazardous material spills.

Preliminary Ranking Evaluation Score (PREscore), Version 4.1
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). The PREscore computer program has been developed to assist Superfund site assessment investigations in Hazard Ranking System (HRS) site scoring. The HRS is used to assess the relative threat associated with actual or potential releases of hazardous substances to ground water, surface water, soil, and air. The HRS is the primary means by which EPA evaluates sites for the National Priorities List (NPL), the list of the hazardous waste sites that are eligible for remedial funding under the Superfund program. 1995.

Spill Reporting Procedures Guide
By Bloomberg BNA / Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Properly report a spill at a momentís notice with coverage of state and federal requirements including citations to key federal and state laws and regulations.

TERMS (The Environmental Regulation Management System)
By MAXCOM, A Division of Haas TCM. The Environmental Regulation Management System electronically manages MSDSs and prepares reports such as an EPA approved Form R, Tier II and EHS reports. Identify chemicals regulated in CA, MA, MI, NJ and PA and complete some state specific Tier II reports. Features include VOC and HAP identification and tracking, CERCLA Spill Report and a universal MSDS input module. Multiple search and indexing capabilities find active or archived MSDSs. Print NFPA/HMIS color labels and MSDS request letters.

For a directory of free Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA/Superfund) Compliance Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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