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ADAM Asbestos Management Software
By EcoLogic Systems. The ADAM Environmental Information Management System stores and provides easy access to environmental, asbestos, lead-based paint, and indoor air quality data, samples and documents.

ADAM Lead-based Paint Management Software
By EcoLogic Systems. The ADAM Lead-based Paint Management Software was developed for property owners, school districts, colleges and housing authorities to help them manage their lead-based paint information and meet their OSHA and EPA requirements for lead sample results, assessments and abatement project information.

Ariel Data Manager (ADM)
By 3E Company. Ariel Data Manager provides users with regulatory change management and impact analysis. It also supports security and privacy by serving as a single repository of regulatory content residing inside your firewall. Accessing content from a single source for use in multiple applications within your enterprise also enables data integrity.

Ariel for SAP EH&S
By 3E Company. SAP EH&S is an integrated compliance module of SAP used by many companies as the basis for their global chemical regulatory compliance program. The full benefits of SAP EH&S can be better optimized when comprehensive content, prepared by regulatory experts, is integrated into the SAP EH&S application. This content includes regulatory data covering the geographical scope of the user's business, Expert Rules to automate checking products against regulations and running complicated classification calculations, a library of phrases covering each of the languages which need to be used for documents, and document templates reflecting the current regulatory requirements and best practice for each of the countries in the user's business scope.

Assent Basic
By Assent Compliance Inc. Assent is a compliance software tool designed for companies that need to comply with one or more environmental regulations. Assent automates processes, automatically gathers information from your supply chain, reports and tracks your entire compliance portfolio. Has modules for REACH, ROHS, RSL, CPSIA, PROP65, and CLP.

By SIVCO Inc. BIOLOGISTIX™ helps track controlled substances and maintain compliance with governmental regulations and mandates. It provides a comprehensive approach to chemical management throughout the lifecycle of chemical, biological, radioactive and hazardous substances within large-scale university and corporate research environments.

By SIVCO Inc. The full-spectrum chemical management solution designed to meet the specific requirements and responsibilities of scientists, researchers, regulatory officials and administrators in education, government and industry. Modules for procurement, life cycle tracking, waste management, financial management and resource management.

ChemCite Research Suite
By Bloomberg BNA / Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Determine how a chemical is regulated with easy access to more than 3,000 federal, state, and international lists.

By JPASS International sa. CHEOPS is La Classification Harmonisée et l’Etiquetage par Ordinateur des Préparations et Substances or Computer aided Harmonized lAbeling and classificatiOn of Preparations and Substances. CHEOPS displays always both EC classification CE (according to 67/548 EC with the 31st Adaptation to Technical Improvement) and the CLP classification of those same substances.

By Ethos Solution Ltd. COSHH365 assists any proprietor or health and safety professional to manage, monitor and control hazards associated with the use of hazardous substances at work. This online tool creates visual CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) reports to identify, control and reduce risk.

Croner-i Hazardous Substances
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). An online information service providing access to chemical legislation and best practice. Also contained is official guidance from the HSE, and a comprehensive searchable database of over 100,000 substances, providing you with all the information you need for the day-to-day management of hazardous and dangerous substances.

Croner-i REACH & CLP Inventory incorporating EINECS Plus
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Croner-i REACH & CLP is an online service providing a comprehensive searchable substances database to assist in compliance with the REACH and CLP regulations. It is a fully integrated and cross-linked inventory based on the EINECS, ELINCS, NLP and a corrected ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) Pre-registration list and the official list of hazardous substances for which harmonised classification and labelling information has been agreed at Community level, and other important EU inventories covering wastes, cosmetics and plant protection products.

Dangerous Substances
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Croner's Dangerous Substances provides guidance on UK and international dangerous substances regulations.

DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules
By Knorr Associates Inc. DataPipe Environment and Waste Modules are part of the comprehensive DataPipe EH&S Software. You can purchase the entire system or individual modules. Environmental Modules include: Air Pollution, Emission Source Tests, Form R, Lab Packs, MSDS Generation, NPDES, Ozone Depleting Substances/CFCs, PCB Inventory & Containers, Process Models, Responsible Care, Storage Tanks, Tank Activity, TSCA, Waste Characterization, Waste Receiving, Waste Shipping, Waste Storage, Waste Treatment/Recovery, List of Lists, Permit History, Project Management, Spill Calculator, and Water Quality. It also includes modules for general activities such as Questionnaires and a Tickler/To-Do feature.

e3 EMIS Hazardous Material Module
By e3 Solutions, Inc. In addition to providing chemical and material library support for the e3 EMIS application, this module handles spill tracking and reporting, hazardous material inventory reporting (SARA 311/312), Toxic Release Inventory reporting (SARA 313) and equivalent NPRI reporting. Other key features include spill management/reporting and support for special handling categories, such as ozone depleting materials, PCBs and asbestos management.

Easy EHS Plan - Hazard Communication
By Business and Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR). Need an EHS plan for hazard communication and don’t want to start from scratch? BLR’s Easy EHS Plan product is a simple yet complete solution that delivers all the tools you need to develop a fully-prepared, customizable, site-specific EHS plan for your organization. A well-written Hazard Communication plan for your company will keep employees informed of any known hazards associated with chemicals they may be exposed to before their initial assignment, whenever the hazards change, or when new hazardous chemicals are introduced into their work areas.

Eco-Compliance Suite
By Linx/AS, LLC. The Linx/AS Eco-Compliance Suite (ECS) for RoHS and WEEE reports and flags restricted substance levels down to the raw material composition, automatically creating material and substance records in R/3 upon approval. Using solely SAP-supported technologies, ECS captures disclosed supplier data as required by the RoHS directive, then provides stakeholders with the tools to report, analyze, and make smart business decisions.

By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This 1994 product contains a program designed to use structure activity relationships (SARs) to estimate the ecotoxicity of industrial chemicals to aquatic organisms. Originally developed to estimate the aquatic toxicity of chemicals reviewed by the U.S. Department Environmental Protection Agency in response to Premanufacture Notices mandated by Section 5 of the Toxic Substances Control Act, such estimations have been found to have wide use in hazard assessments, ecological risk assessments, and general aquatic toxicity.

By Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E). eH&E-Healthcare is an affordable Environment of Care (EC) support program designed specifically to help healthcare institutions maintain continuous Joint Commission compliance in preparation for unannounced surveys. Includes a Safety and Hazardous Materials Management Solution which is also available separately.

Environmental Compliance Management Solutions (HAZMAT)
By IHS Inc. IHS offers companies a complete solution for responding to and complying with RoHS, WEEE and other environmental regulations. The Environmental Compliance solution from IHS combines software tools, expert consulting services, comprehensive reference data and ongoing access to critical environmental compliance information.

EPOCH Hazardous Waste Management Modules
By Logical Data Solutions, Inc. These modules of EPOCH environmental data management software include Manifest, Container Tracking, and PCB Equipment.

Ex3 Chemical Management Modules
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Chemical Management Modules provide complete "cradle-to-grave" chemical tracking for government or industrial operations. Complete inventory management, important regulatory and hazard characteristics, regulatory list management, chemical consumption data, chemical ingredients, MSDS documentation, and other related components are available to support individual chemical management needs.

By HEMMIS N.V. ExESS provides inventory, reporting and management for the Environmental, Health and Safety needs (EH&S) of a company. Modules include Chemicals Management, Management Systems, Measurement Management, and Waste Management. The Chemicals Management Module helps manage product data, storage, registrations, MSDS, TremCards, labels, waste management, safety cards, INCI, SEVESO, calculation of preparations, ADR, REACH, GHS, IUCLID interfacing, distribution of product information, product stewardship, and more. The Management Systems module helps manage workplace descriptions and analysis, risk identification and evaluation, dynamic risk assessment, KINEY, MUOPO, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Balanced Score Card, Responsible Care, EN1050, SOBANE, environmental and safety indicators, and chemical safety assessment. The Measurement Management module manages collection of emission data including water, air, and soil, and compares emissions to legal exposure limits.

By Cornerstone Environmental, Health and Safety, Inc. FOUNDATION is an SDS/MSDS Management and Chemical Inventory reporting system. It combines both EPA and OSHA chemical tracking and reporting functions and provides a basis, or foundation, for all compliance recordkeeping and reporting. FOUNDATION generates environmental reports, including EPCRA and Clean Air Act (HAP and VOC) reports.

Global Environmental Management System (GEMS)
By Foresite Systems Ltd. GEMS is a fully configurable web-based software package which enables you to achieve environmental compliance and implement sustainability initiatives. GEMS helps meet the needs of every department in your organisation, from the design phase of your product through to its disposal. It enables your business to meet its environmental obligations throughout the world including: Producer Responsibility Regulations including WEEE, RoHS, Packaging, REACH and Batteries; Compliance with internal environmental standards; Supply Chain Data Exchange via international standard formats; and Sustainability projects.

By Granta Design Limited. GRANTA MI provides a database system for storing materials property data and a series of software tools to manage, process, and use materials information. It helps you to improve quality, innovate, make key materials choices, save time, and reduce risk due to restricted substances.

Green Product Selector
By IHS Dolphin Software, Inc. The Green Product Selector (GPS) analyzes maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) chemical products by indexing their ingredients. This tool provides insight into product spend, hazards and proliferation, giving companies a comprehensive overview for increased procurement performance. Once a company’s chemical inventory information has been entered into the Green Product Selector, products are categorized by general and specific use. Product and ingredient information are used to rank items by price-per-unit, human hazard and environmental hazard points. Points are assigned based on the ingredients on federal and international hazardous chemical lists.

GreenData Manager
By GreenSoft Technology Inc. GreenData Manager helps manage data and documents, conduct substance analysis on full-disclosure material composition data (including REACH SVHC), perform compliance validation for different RoHS regulations and generate product level compliance reports.

Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances
By CCH, INCORPORATED. Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Substances delivers fast online access to compliance solutions for hazardous waste management problems. It offers continually updated analysis of RCRA, CERCLA, EPCRA and PCB regulations to help you better understand regulatory requirements.

By HEMMIS N.V. HEMMISafe® is the single user version of ExESS Chemicals Management and has all the functionalities for the management of Chemicals. It helps to manage product data, storage, registrations, MSDS, TremCards, labels, waste management, safety cards, INCI, SEVESO, calculation of preparations, ADR, REACH, GHS, IUCLID interfacing, distribution of product information , product stewardship, and more.

IHS Compliance Suite Right-to-Know Software
By IHS ESS. Manage your hazardous inventory records and automate EPA SARA reporting for your entire organization. Perform necessary calculations and create SARA Tier I and Tier II reports using the database of over 5,000 regulated chemicals. Keep OSHA Right-to-Know records and generate inventory reports.

IHS REACH Information and Insight
By IHS Inc. IHS offers a single source for critical information and insight to enable your organization to manage and mitigate risk surrounding the global material and chemical compliance initiatives such as REACH.

Intelex Management of Change System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. The Intelex Management of Change System is a web-based application that provides organizations with the ability to identify, manage, and track change requests for process safety management of hazardous chemicals, in compliance with OSHA 1910.110 (I) and EPA 40 CFR Part 68 Subpart D.

Intelligent Authoring
By Atrion International, Inc. Designed to meet the demanding compliance needs of companies in the formula-based process industry, Atrion’s Intelligent Authoring application automates the creation of globally compliant and multi-lingual Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS / SDS, labels and hazard summary sheets as well as documents related to transportation, inventory reports and more.

By iPoint-systems gmbh. iPoint helps manage, track, analyze, and report data across the whole value creation network. iPoint's software and consulting services support you in meeting and staying one step ahead of regulations and requirements such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, Conflict Minerals, and other trending developments in the compliance and sustainability arena.

Mar-Kov Chemical Management System
By Mar-Kov Computer Systems Inc. An integrated software solution for chemical manufacturers. Includes modules for Manufacturing Execution System, Chemical Inventory Management/Warehousing, Recipe Manager, Laboratory Information Management System, and Equipment Maintenance. The modules can be deployed individually or together or used with your ERP.

Material Disclosure
By Actio Corporation. Material Disclosure is a supply chain communication tool designed to securely collect, warehouse and distribute regulatory and compositional information of materials used in the manufacture of products. Powered by Actio’s relational database platform, Material Disclosure can manage detailed product information, including supporting documentation, such as Safety Data Sheets, technical data sheets, certificates of analysis, and food grade certificates, creating a single product record for each material.

By The GoodBye Chain Group. MDW is used by companies at all levels of the supply chain to collect, manage, and report RoHS–related data. MDW-ES Substance Management Sofware allows companies of all sizes to manage substance requirements beyond RoHS such as REACH and company specific Materials of Concern lists.

MDW-ES PEC Software / Green-ES®
By The GoodBye Chain Group. MDW-ES PEC Software is designed to help all types of manufacturing companies address requirements for 'Articles' as mandated by The European Union's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Directive. MDW-ES software and services can be used by companies at all levels of the supply chain to collect, manage, and report RoHS/REACH–related data, including authoring and storing Safety Data Sheets. The software allows companies to manage substance requirements beyond RoHS such as REACH and company specific Materials of Concern lists. Green-ES is the Software-As-A-Service version of MDW-ES software.

National Chemical Inventories (NCI) on CD
By CAS (formerly Chemical Abstracts Service). A CD reference tool with chemical substance information listed in 13 major national regulatory inventories from around the world.

Product Compliance for SAP EH&S (formerly Compliance Suite for EH&S)
By Atrion International, Inc. Product Compliance for SAP EH&S is a software application that complements SAP® EH&S environments by assisting in the regulatory analysis of complex product formulations and generating hazard communication documents such as the MSDS and SDS.

Product Compliance Suite (formerly Materials Compliance Suite (MCS))
By Atrion International, Inc. Atrion’s Product Compliance Suite (PCS) is a single enterprise-wide solution to help you create, manage and distribute a variety of hazard communication documents and reports. It helps with regulatory document authoring and management, up-to-date managed regulatory content, chemical management, and supply chain communication.

By Atrion International, Inc. Enables the transfer of data and necessary classification information to IUCLID 5’s central database.

By Baytouch Ltd. REACHsuite helps comply with the EU chemical safety directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals). It enables organisations to evaluate, prioritise and manage substances and products of greatest impact to their business; track the cost of registration and testing; and track the cost of raw material substitution/ product reformulation.

By Actio Corporation. Actio’s REACHtracker is a web-based software solution that automates and tracks the otherwise costly and time-consuming process of collecting and managing information required from suppliers and customers to comply with REACH directives. By creating a secure, collaborative environment that automates communication to suppliers and customers and facilitates the collection of information online, manufacturers and distributors can significantly improve time to market – while ensuring REACH compliance.

RoHS Manager
By Green Oak Solutions. The RoHS Manager product provides functionality for two key areas of legislation facing electrical equipment manufacturers. The first of these is to provide an online document repository to allow manufacturers to record RoHS compliance against their products and associated bill-of-materials. The second part of the product deals with the materials declaration forms for components being used within a bill-of-materials for a particular manufacturer.

By Rivo Software. Safeguard is Rivo’s web-based modular platform. Modules include Incident Reporting, OSHA reporting, Global Legislative Reporting capabilities, Claims, Audits/Inspections, Risk Assessment, JSA, Hazards, Chemical Control, Training, Action Tracking, Permit Management, Contractors, Environment, Non-Conformance, BBS, Objectives, Real-Time Reporting, Notifications and GRI, all with multiple language support to help improve user-adoption.

Scientific Materials Questionnaire
By SIVCO Inc. Online application designed to allow Environmental Health & Safety personnel to quickly assess detailed scientific material inventory according to researcher, research protocol, laboratory, risk level, location, etc., in compliance with governmental regulations and mandates.

SiteHawk Global
By SiteHawk (Industrial Data Systems, Inc.). SiteHawk Global is the MSDS and regulatory management of SiteHawk Professional applied globally. With SiteHawk Global you get interactive regulatory management tools like international regulatory list management and cross-references; local language interfaces, labels and chemical summaries; and hazard assessment tools.

SiteHawk Select
By SiteHawk (Industrial Data Systems, Inc.). Designed to meet the demands of department workloads and day-to-day compliance with limited resources, combining the ease-of-use and vendor management of SiteHawk Express with the component and regulatory tracking of SiteHawk Professional. SiteHawk Select integrates processes and data, providing you the extra resources you need to efficiently get the job done, from chemical approvals to component and regulatory tracking.

By ACMS UK (formerly Xaracon Ltd). A system that allows simple access to asbestos information and detail – either on-site or on-line.

SupplierSoft Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Software
By SupplierSoft Inc. Cloud-computing based Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software includes Environmental Compliance (RoHS/REACH), Supplier Risk, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), and Supplier Audit.

The Enviance System
By Enviance, Inc. The Enviance Internet-based solution allows users to organize environmental, health and safety reporting data in one place. It helps with GHG and Carbon Accounting, Sustainability and CSR, Environmental Regulatory Compliance, Health & Safety, and Enterprise Performance Management. Enviance will store your data, creating a centralized data management platform, adding consistency and integrity to data sets. Enviance’s feature-rich tool kit and built-out templates allow you to manage your complex environmental, health and safety obligations, such as greenhouse gas, NPDES, Title V, RCRA, TRI, and OSHA. The Enviance SaaS platform has a built-in flexible reporting mechanism, which enables the generation of standardized and customized reports.

By Verteego. Verteego offers a suite of solutions combining software and services. Solutions cover sustainbility, energy and chemicals, including issues such as REACH compliance, ecodesign, energy consumption, and carbon management.

We3 Compliance Manager
By Green Oak Solutions. The We3 Compliance Manager product provides end-to-end management of large-scale logistics and recycling operations. The application delivers a consolidated view of multiple waste streams and is designed to drive cost reductions and compliance management for OEMs, CEMs, large corporate, compliance schemes, local authorities and environmental agencies.

Windchill Compliance (formerly InSight Environmental Compliance)
By PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation). Windchill Compliance, formerly InSight Environmental Compliance and Synapsis Technology’s EMARS – is a solution for tracking and improving the environmental performance of your products, parts, materials, and suppliers. It can integrate with your existing supply chain and product development systems or function as a stand-alone system. Windchill Compliance is an easy-to-deploy, scalable, and industry-proven enterprise solution used by leading manufacturers, including Beckman Coulter, Cisco Systems, GE, IBM, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Visteon, and Xerox. Stay up-to-date with constantly changing compliance requirements, exemptions, and horizon at-risk substances. Supported regulations and standards include: REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, the Joint Industry Guide (JIG), and the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL).

For a directory of free Tools for Managing and Reporting Regulated Hazardous Chemicals, check out EHSfreeware.

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