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3E Green Product Analyzer (GPA)
By 3E Company. The 3E GPA (Green Product Analyzer) provides data and information needed to support sustainability and EH&S compliance initiatives, giving EH&S and purchasing staff the detailed information they need about the chemical makeup of products -- information that will enable sophisticated analysis, application and decision support, and ultimately better product sourcing and management.

By Sologic, LLC. Causelink Root Cause Analysis (RCA) software is offered as desktop or enterprise software. Causelink desktop enables facilitators to configure a professional incident report that includes the problem statement, cause and effect chart, solutions, evidence, executive summaries, and more. Causelink Enterprise is browser-based and stores all RCA information. It offers visual dashboards and reports that enable one to mine, monitor and report on RCA results and progress. It includes a Google Map interface for a quick snapshot of active RCA's around the world, common cause identification and RCA work-flow management. Equipped with automated email notifications (action tracking, over-dues and work process responsibilities), users and managers can keep an eye on RCA progression and are reminded of approaching due dates as well as over-dues.

CES Selector Eco Audit Tool (formerly CES Eco Selector)
By Granta Design Limited. A tool to help limit the carbon footprint of your product, reduce its energy usage, limit wastes and emissions, or specify the manner of its disposal.

COSHH Assessment & Management Software
By Alcumus Holdings Limited (formerly Sypol). A web based COSHH management software system. Users have access to a database of COSHH risk assessments and all the supporting information. The screens lead the user through the simple traffic light system of material identification and show the appropriate assessment, offering suitable alternatives where necessary. The resulting risk assessment sheet displays all the details for controlling the risk associated with the material, making the next step easy by using Pictograms to reference the correct risk control required.

By Ethos Solution Ltd. COSHH365 assists any proprietor or health and safety professional to manage, monitor and control hazards associated with the use of hazardous substances at work. This online tool creates visual CoSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) reports to identify, control and reduce risk.

Easy EHS Plan - Hazard Communication
By Business and Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR). Need an EHS plan for hazard communication and don’t want to start from scratch? BLR’s Easy EHS Plan product is a simple yet complete solution that delivers all the tools you need to develop a fully-prepared, customizable, site-specific EHS plan for your organization. A well-written Hazard Communication plan for your company will keep employees informed of any known hazards associated with chemicals they may be exposed to before their initial assignment, whenever the hazards change, or when new hazardous chemicals are introduced into their work areas.

Eco-Compliance Suite
By Linx/AS, LLC. The Linx/AS Eco-Compliance Suite (ECS) for RoHS and WEEE reports and flags restricted substance levels down to the raw material composition, automatically creating material and substance records in R/3 upon approval. Using solely SAP-supported technologies, ECS captures disclosed supplier data as required by the RoHS directive, then provides stakeholders with the tools to report, analyze, and make smart business decisions.

By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This 1994 product contains a program designed to use structure activity relationships (SARs) to estimate the ecotoxicity of industrial chemicals to aquatic organisms. Originally developed to estimate the aquatic toxicity of chemicals reviewed by the U.S. Department Environmental Protection Agency in response to Premanufacture Notices mandated by Section 5 of the Toxic Substances Control Act, such estimations have been found to have wide use in hazard assessments, ecological risk assessments, and general aquatic toxicity.

Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting System
By Applications International Corporation. The Enterprise Compliance Management and Reporting system is a suite of modules that support Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM), Enterprise Risk Management, and Sustainability Management. Modules include: Workers Compensation, Training Management, Injury Illness, JSA, Corrective Action Tracking, Fires, Spills, NOV/Agency Visits, Complaints, Audit Management, MSDS Management, Carbon Management etc.

Environmental Compliance Management Solutions (HAZMAT)
By IHS Inc. IHS offers companies a complete solution for responding to and complying with RoHS, WEEE and other environmental regulations. The Environmental Compliance solution from IHS combines software tools, expert consulting services, comprehensive reference data and ongoing access to critical environmental compliance information.

By Unwin Company. A tool for facilitating and documenting process hazard analyses (PHAs) such as required under the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard and the EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule. Includes optional methods for PHA performance, including HAZOPS, Procedure-Based HAZOPS, What-If?, What If?/Checklist, and FMEA.

eToxQRA Model
By Unwin Company. A tool for quantifying the risk of toxic vapor inhalation exposures at high-toxic-hazard facilities.

Ex3 Chemical Management Modules
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Chemical Management Modules provide complete "cradle-to-grave" chemical tracking for government or industrial operations. Complete inventory management, important regulatory and hazard characteristics, regulatory list management, chemical consumption data, chemical ingredients, MSDS documentation, and other related components are available to support individual chemical management needs.

Ex3 Safety Incident Management Module
By Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (Ex3, Inc.). The Ex3 Safety Incident Management Module tracks data related to fires, explosions, chemical spills, or any other type of safety incident. Associations with people, work environment, equipment, and other investigation data support root cause analysis. Dynamic reporting capabilities provide instantaneous graphics, reports, indicators, and paretos to support your Safety Team's efforts for an "Injury-Free" workplace.

By HEMMIS N.V. ExESS provides inventory, reporting and management for the Environmental, Health and Safety needs (EH&S) of a company. Modules include Chemicals Management, Management Systems, Measurement Management, and Waste Management. The Chemicals Management Module helps manage product data, storage, registrations, MSDS, TremCards, labels, waste management, safety cards, INCI, SEVESO, calculation of preparations, ADR, REACH, GHS, IUCLID interfacing, distribution of product information, product stewardship, and more. The Management Systems module helps manage workplace descriptions and analysis, risk identification and evaluation, dynamic risk assessment, KINEY, MUOPO, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, Balanced Score Card, Responsible Care, EN1050, SOBANE, environmental and safety indicators, and chemical safety assessment. The Measurement Management module manages collection of emission data including water, air, and soil, and compares emissions to legal exposure limits.

Green Product Selector
By IHS Dolphin Software, Inc. The Green Product Selector (GPS) analyzes maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) chemical products by indexing their ingredients. This tool provides insight into product spend, hazards and proliferation, giving companies a comprehensive overview for increased procurement performance. Once a company’s chemical inventory information has been entered into the Green Product Selector, products are categorized by general and specific use. Product and ingredient information are used to rank items by price-per-unit, human hazard and environmental hazard points. Points are assigned based on the ingredients on federal and international hazardous chemical lists.

HAZMIN: The Material Process Control Module
By LOGICAL Technology, Inc. The Material Process Control Module of HAZMIN allows a facility or corporation to institute as formal of a hazardous material management (review and approval) system as is necessary to fit its needs. Review committees can be established, approvals documented and the MSDS augmented with Safe Operating Procedures. In terms of HAZMIN modules, the Material Process Control module documents the approved usage and storage of hazardous materials (i.e. MSDS(s)) at a specific location.

IHS REACH Information and Insight
By IHS Inc. IHS offers a single source for critical information and insight to enable your organization to manage and mitigate risk surrounding the global material and chemical compliance initiatives such as REACH.

By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). IMSIS is a software tool for the collective, integrated safety and integrity management. The software contains a suite of modular tools for data gathering, analysis, trending, management and reporting around a flexible asset register database. It manages the overlaps among HSE, asset integrity and the independent SCE verification process. Though related, these core elements of life cycle asset management often reside independently within operating assets.

Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
By ABS Consulting (formerly EQE International/JBF Associates). ABS Consulting and EXP-Hazox have developed a system for Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reporting. The web-based system is designed to capture, analyze and report all adverse impacts to your organization. It combines: Incident Reporting, Investigation Management, RCA, Corrective Actions / Preventive Actions (CAPA) Management, and Management Dashboards / Statistical Analysis (e.g. LTIR, TRC, OSHA 300 Log). Additionally, it is fully integrated with other EXP-Hazox VisionSuite products.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Model for Windows - RISK
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). A 1995 computer model, called RISK, for calculating individual exposure to indoor air pollutants from sources is presented. The model is designed to calculate exposure due to individual, as opposed to population, activity patterns and source use. The model also provides the capability to calculate risk due to the calculated exposure.

Intelex Organizational Risk Assessment System
By Intelex Technologies Inc. The Intelex Organizational Risk Assessment System offers small, medium, and enterprise-sized organizations a simple, four step approach to performing effective risk assessments.

By The Drake Group. MESHsystems is an enterprise safety management system that uses Adobe Flash/Flex technology. It includes tracking for actions, audits, incidents, inspections, chemicals, and procedures. It helps with Learning Management Systems (LMS), Management of Change (MOC), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), and emergency management.

By MSDSpro, LLC. A chemical authorization request and inventory system.

Multimedia Environmental Pollutant Assessment System (MEPAS)
By Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Multimedia Environmental Pollutant Assessment System (MEPAS)-This Windows-based risk analysis software tool estimates environmental concentrations and chronic public health impacts from radioactive and hazardous materials.

ODC Manager
By Redshift Technologies, Inc. Tracks equipment, emissions and leak rates. Notifies when service is required, schedules and tracks maintenance and calculates impact.

By Det Norske Veritas (DNV). PHAST (Process Hazard Analysis Software Tool) examines the progress of a chemical process incident from initial release through formation of a cloud or pool to final dispersion - calculating concentration, fire radiation, toxicity, and explosion overpressure.

RBCA Tool Kit for Atlantic Canada
By GSI Environmental Inc. (formerly Groundwater Services, Inc.). Groundwater Services, Inc. offers a software tool for implementation of Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) evaluations in accordance with the procedures recommended for the Atlantic Providences of Canada. Conducts Tier 1 and 2 RBCA evaluations based on site-specific data inputs per relevant guidance.

RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases
By GSI Environmental Inc. (formerly Groundwater Services, Inc.). The RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases is designed to meet the requirements of the ASTM Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action (E-2081). This software is a comprehensive modeling and risk characterization package for Tier 1 and 2 RBCA evaluations for chemical release sites. The RBCA Tool Kit combines contaminant transport models and risk assessment tools to calculate baseline risk levels and derive risk-based cleanup standards for a full array of soil, groundwater, surface water, and air exposure pathways.

RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP
By GSI Environmental Inc. (formerly Groundwater Services, Inc.). The RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP is a state specific customization of GSI's RBCA Tool Kit for Chemical Releases software. It is designed to complete the calculations required for Tiers 1 and 2 of the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP). The RBCA Tool Kit for TRRP utilizes Texas-specific default parameters, modeling options, and chemical data consistent with the TRRP rule (30 TAC Chapter 350) and related TNRCC guidance.

By Baytouch Ltd. REACHsuite helps comply with the EU chemical safety directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals). It enables organisations to evaluate, prioritise and manage substances and products of greatest impact to their business; track the cost of registration and testing; and track the cost of raw material substitution/ product reformulation.

By Rivo Software. Safeguard is Rivo’s web-based modular platform. Modules include Incident Reporting, OSHA reporting, Global Legislative Reporting capabilities, Claims, Audits/Inspections, Risk Assessment, JSA, Hazards, Chemical Control, Training, Action Tracking, Permit Management, Contractors, Environment, Non-Conformance, BBS, Objectives, Real-Time Reporting, Notifications and GRI, all with multiple language support to help improve user-adoption.

SAFER STAR (System for Transportation Accident Response)
By SAFER Systems, LLC. SAFER STAR models the effects of chemical transportation accidents (toxic releases, fires, and explosions). The program includes algorithms for addressing atmospheric dispersion, thermal radiation, and blast overpressure modeling. In addition, SAFER provides mapping and topographical databases for the region of interest.

By Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Safeti (Software for the Assessment of Flammable, Explosive and Toxic Impact) is a quantitative tool available for assessing process plant risks. It is designed to perform all the analytical, data processing and results presentation elements of a QRA within a structured framework. SAFETI analyses complex consequences from accident scenarios, taking account of local population and weather conditions, to quantify the risks associated with the release of hazardous chemicals. The Safeti Hazard Analysis Package combines the capabilities of PHA-Pro®, the leading HAZOP and PHA software, with those of Phast, the industry standard consequence and risk analysis application.

Sample Safety Plans
By Aspen Publishers, Inc. Numerous Sample Safety Plans are available online. They provide an authoritative template for you to create guidelines specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. The sample plans help you to identify and evaluate hazards and establish safety procedures to keep your employees safe and help you to avoid liability when safety breaches occur.

Scientific Materials Questionnaire
By SIVCO Inc. Online application designed to allow Environmental Health & Safety personnel to quickly assess detailed scientific material inventory according to researcher, research protocol, laboratory, risk level, location, etc., in compliance with governmental regulations and mandates.

By Lakes Environmental Software. SEVEX View is a commercially available advanced 3D complex terrain gas model. It provides realistic modeling of complex three dimensional emergency releases. Both UNIX/LINUX and Windows versions are available.

SiteHawk Global
By SiteHawk (Industrial Data Systems, Inc.). SiteHawk Global is the MSDS and regulatory management of SiteHawk Professional applied globally. With SiteHawk Global you get interactive regulatory management tools like international regulatory list management and cross-references; local language interfaces, labels and chemical summaries; and hazard assessment tools.

Substances Hazardous to Health and Croner Software
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). The CD-ROM contains a database of over 2000 commonly used chemical substances, plus Croner Software Chemical Management. Store substance information together with inventory and supplier details, plus work step-by-step through COSHH assessments, storing completed assessments to develop your own permanent record.

By Dyadem International Ltd. SVA-Pro(tm) is a comprehensive and innovative software tool that utilizes the CCPS methodology for conducting Security Vulnerability Analysis. It enables chemical facilities to improve their security systems through detailed Security Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) studies. SVA-Pro enables chemical companies to performing thorough security vulnerability studies, identifying vulnerability risks, produce and track recommendations, and share the information with the key stakeholders.

Synergi Risk Management
By Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The Synergi® Risk Management Module is designed to reflect the RM process on various levels of the organisation. A number of practical tools and methods are in place to support the identification process, as they will depend on scope, objective and the entity to assess. Risk assessment methods range from organisation-wide Enterprise Risk Assessments (ERA) to HAZOP and Preliminary Hazard analyses (PHA), addressing potential hazards for a process or project, to more detailed FMEA studies addressing systems and equipment.

System Assessment Capability (SAC) Stochastic Simulator
By Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. SAC is a total-system stochastic simulator to address inventory distribution, environmental release and transport, and impacts to human health and ecological, economic and cultural resources from hundreds of radiological and chemical waste disposal sites for the entire Hanford Site in southeast Washington State.

By System Improvements, Inc. Used to report incidents, analyze root causes, develop corrective actions, write and approve reports, track fixes, validate the effectiveness of the fixes, and trend performance in a secure, password protected environment. The TapRooT Software was built to meet the needs of investigators interested in improving performance. For accidents, incidents, environmental releases and more.

TOMES System
By Thomson Reuters MICROMEDEX. The TOMES® System provides the critical medical and hazard data needed for immediate, effective response to exposure and accidents in chemical handling. Designed to help reduce the risk of exposure and injury, the TOMES System provides: treatment guidelines for acute chemical exposures, evacuation procedures, and chemical disposal information. General areas unrelated to chemicals are addressed such as ergonomics and human health risk assessment. The System's three databases - MEDITEXT®, HAZARDTEXT®, and INFOTEXT® - are integrated to ensure quick access to the fully reviewed, referenced information.

TRACE (Toxic Release Analysis of Chemical Emissions)
By SAFER Systems, LLC. This is an engineering analysis tool used for chemical risk management. You can evaluate the hazards associated with exposures to toxic chemicals, thermal radiation from fires, and blast overpressure from explosions. TRACE also allows you to assess the number of people impacted and evaluate the effectiveness of protection strategies like shelter-in-place or evacuation.

Windchill Compliance (formerly InSight Environmental Compliance)
By PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation). Windchill Compliance, formerly InSight Environmental Compliance and Synapsis Technology’s EMARS – is a solution for tracking and improving the environmental performance of your products, parts, materials, and suppliers. It can integrate with your existing supply chain and product development systems or function as a stand-alone system. Windchill Compliance is an easy-to-deploy, scalable, and industry-proven enterprise solution used by leading manufacturers, including Beckman Coulter, Cisco Systems, GE, IBM, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Visteon, and Xerox. Stay up-to-date with constantly changing compliance requirements, exemptions, and horizon at-risk substances. Supported regulations and standards include: REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, the Joint Industry Guide (JIG), and the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL).

Workplace Activity Safety Protection Sheets (WASPS)
By Environmental Science Ltd. WASPS Software provides on a single page "WASP" Sheet, a highly visual presentations of the degree of harm which hazardous chemicals can cause, the risk of fire or explosion, and the degree of risk to the environment. The program also offers the facility to use the WASPS sheets to carry out straightforward COSHH assessments based on the Health & Safety Executive’s COSHH Essentials techniques.

For a directory of free Chemical Hazard Analysis Tools, check out EHSfreeware.

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