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By Aquatic Informatics Inc. AQUARIUS is designed to simplify the management and analysis of your water quality, hydrology, and climate data. It handles large volumes of continuous data and discrete measurements with equal ease. AQUARIUS is available both as a modular stand-alone desktop application; and as a fully configurable server-based solution for larger organizations. AQUARIUS can be augmented with a full range of for automated remote data acquisition, field visit management and web publishing.

ASA EDS: Environmental Data Server
By Applied Science Associates, Inc. (ASA). ASA EDS: Environmental Data Server™ collects a wide variety of oceanographic and meteorological data that is used for marine response and crisis management (oil/chemical spill modeling & response and search & rescue planning) as well as providing superior data sources to environmental modeling applications. EDS provides real-time and historical environmental data management, analysis, visualization and internet-based distribution through Web services. EDS connects NASA, NOAA, NAVY and IOOS regional data to operational users in the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and other users. The system collects scientific data in disparate formats and makes available to operational users via standard web services.

BEE-Line Meteorological Data
By Oris Solutions (formerly BEE-Line Software). BEE-Line Software offers a variety of surface and upper air meteorological data formats from which to choose.

By Trinity Consultants, Inc. BREEZE AERMET Pro is used to process meteorological data for input into the BREEZE AERMOD dispersion model.

By Trinity Consultants, Inc. BREEZE CALPUFF is a multi-layer, multi-species, non-steady-state puff dispersion model, which can simulate the effects of time and space-varying meteorological conditions on pollutant transport, transformation, and removal. CALPUFF can use the three-dimensional meteorological fields developed by the CALMET model or single station winds in a format consistent with the meteorological files used to drive the Industrial Source Complex Short-term version 3 (ISCST3) steady-state Gaussian model.

By Trinity Consultants, Inc. BREEZE MetView is a data analysis tool which gives users abilities in reviewing, modifying, and analyzing meteorological data.

By Lakes Environmental Software. CALPUFF View brings complete graphical pre and post processor interfaces for the U.S.EPA approved CALPUFF and CALMET. This system is a comprehensive modeling tool that includes meteorological and geophysical data processors, a meteorological model, a puff-based dispersion model, and post-processing modules.

Environmental Impact
By CAB International (CABI). Environmental Impact is an internet resource created in response to demand from the scientific community, policy makers and information specialists for a single comprehensive bibliographic information resource on climate change and other influences of humans on the biosphere.

Global Climate Change Law Guide
By Croner (formerly Norton-Waugh). Simply pick a country and quickly apprise yourself of its carbon trading and greenhouse gas laws and regulations, their legal and tax implications and their relationship to existing laws. The Guide covers climate change law in key carbon jurisdictions across the world, including Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Written by Baker & McKenzie, the world’s leading Global Climate Change Lawyers.

By Lakes Environmental Software. ISC-AERMOD View is a Windows air dispersion modeling system which seamlessly incorporates three popular U.S. EPA models into one interface: ISCST3, AERMOD, and ISC-PRIME. ISC-AERMOD View features an integrated modeling environment: integration of Arc View and Arc Info GIS tools, intuitive data input, model run, and complete post-processing with automatic gridding, blanking, shaded contour plotting and posting of your results. Additional features include meteorological preprocessing with color wind rose charting, importation of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files, building downwash analysis, and 3D visualization of the project site.

MetEd Meteorological Education and Training
By Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education & Training (COMET). The MetEd (Meteorology Education and Training) Website was established to provide education and training resources to benefit the operational forecaster community, university atmospheric scientists and students, and anyone interested in learning more deeply about meteorology and weather forecasting topics. The site houses online learning materials, as well as information on other training and education activities, such as classroom courses and teletraining, and links to other related resources. Online courses are available on a CD for a fee.

Meteosat Meteorological Products
By European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT). Products from the present generation Meteosat system have many meteorological and research applications. They allow detailed monitoring of the state of the atmosphere, from which a predicted state may be interpolated on the basis of physical understanding and past experience of the way in which the atmosphere behaves. The derivation of meteorological products is performed within the EUMETSAT Applications Ground Segment, which comprises a Meteorological Products Extraction Facility (MPEF) and a network of Satellite Application Facilities (SAF) located at National Weather Services and other institutes in EUMETSAT Member States.

By Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. MetView 2.0 is an easy-to-use system for accessing and displaying meteorological data.

Soil Science Database (SOILCD)
By Ovid (formerly SilverPlatter Information Inc.). Soil Science Database has information on soils, water, fertilizer, and land management. Published by CABI Publishing, Soils Science Database offers comprehensive coverage of soil science, agricultural meteorology, irrigation, soil and water management, fertilizers, crop plant/water relation, and much more. Abstracts from 1973 to present.

State Acid Rain Research and Screening System (STARRSS)
By National Technical Information Service (NTIS). This 1994 product is a PC-based integrated information and modeling system that was developed to assist commissions and utilities in their evaluation of acid rain compliance plans. STARRSS software program gives analysts the ability to: evaluate the costs and risks of specific compliance plans, and develop compliance plans through one of three STARRSS optimization methodologies.

World Climate Change Report
By Bloomberg BNA / Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Web resource on climate change legislation, regulation, policy, legal developments, and trends.

For a directory of free Climate and Meteorology Resources, check out EHSfreeware.

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